I'll be the first to apologize...

Let me be the first to apologize to all Als fans.

I was one of the ones predicting doom and gloom for the Alouettes this year. By the look of the past two games, it is clear they are the best of the east thus far. Although it's a long season, your team seems to be in the right direction. Will they keep it up? I think they will, but time will tell.

Congrats on a great start to the season.

Thanks Catsfan; I personally was quite happy that many fans, and indeed many pundits, were predicting doom and gloom for the Als; helped us I think to fly a bit under the radar.

When the Als beat Hamilton, the question was is Montreal that good or Hamilton that bad?

Now the proof appears to be in. Since the Cats took apart the Argos, obviously they aren't that bad.........and since we took out Winnipeg, maybe we are that good.

Long season, but off to a good start indeed.

I predicted that the East would be a war between four teams and the team that stayed healthy would come out on top and I stand by that.

Als beat Ti-Cats, the Ti-Cats beat the Argos who beat the Bombers. Crazy start in the East so far, and I expect more craziness this season.

Nothing to apologize for. Most fans were predicting a bad year for the Als. Actually they have been doing it for years.

There is still a long way to go yet but so far the underestimating of their ability has only made their victories more enjoyable

I always remember them comming out strong out of the gate and by the end of the season they wilt away! They had the game tonight and let it slip threw there hands!, you can't make mistakes like that against a team like the Riders they will usually take a negative and turn it into a positive, namely scoring on you from your mistake! Good 4 you riders you snatched & grabbed another win!