I'll be shocked if we get 25,000 at the next game.

I expect under 22,000. However I would hate to question the only area of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats that seems to be working and that is marketing.

On a less sarcastic note, do you think we'll soon be back to 18 or 19,000?

Will the Season Ticket base is around 19,000

I can see a walk up 4,000 Maybe.. for The Stamps

If Things Don't Change I see 12,000 Season Ticket holders next season..

But, and I really hope we start winning, to look on the bright side if we don't, is that the Tiger Cats are going to have to offer lots of financial incentives if they want the 3 year traditions club people to sign up again. Otherwise I do think that the season ticket base will fall off dramatically. It's not like we are talking Toronto Maple Leafs loyalty here with the Cats in Hamilton.

Rumour has it beer prices are going to drop just like the gas prices for the next game.

BEERRRRR ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'd rather predict attendance in Hamilton than the score ,which is difficult.

I say 27,000. next game,it's a good night out with a developing team ,with drama everywhere to say the least. :thup:

Well, yes Beam, a good night out for sure and I want to call myself an excellent Cats fan, just like Leaf fans, Cubs fans who lose alot but stand by their team. I will stand by the Cats as long as I feel the owner is committed and our owner, from what I see, is very, very committed to this team and this league. And that is excellent!!!!

There will be a lot of Fans there. Remember next Friday Danny is returning and it will be a good game. Bob Young has done a great job and Rob Katz brought in great players they just have to work out on field kinks and they still have some but they also worked out alot of them last night

Rome wasn't built in a day. Sure, it may take a firing here, a firing there, bring in this guy... whatever, but action will happen and this team will get better, there is no doubt about that.

I love Beer


I agree with Earl and Hitchcock. Things are much better in Hamilton than they were a few years ago. If not for Bob Young, there would be no team to complain about.

To complain and do nothing.......
IT's the Canadian way!


were gonna turn it around we should be 3-1 just dumb penalties! and crappy kicking! :slight_smile:

If we lose a few more games and the
attendance stays the same, i will call
the team the hamilton tiger-leafs
like the leafs they play lousy and still
fill the stands game after game.

But i won’t be there. :thdn: :thdn:

At least 27,000 will be there.

No, it's the union/entitlement mentality way.

Those who actually get things done in this country don't whine, they produce.

Let's support them when they need us the most. If we show a lot of these new players, who have never played in Hamilton before that we're the best fans in the league and we're with them when they're struggling, it'll give them a huge lift.

We got the talent........let's get Corey Holmes back, the offense in sync, and we should be able to turn this thing around. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

Big crowd! Weather permitting.. Those who love the cats threatening to boycott? You can't kick, you bleed black and gold. Nice try.

I would not be surprised if they already had 27,000 tickets sold for the game before the last game.
I would not be surprised if we got over 25,000 per game for the rest of the year even if we never win.

I've got four people coming to their first TiCat game on Friday.

All you negative nellies stay home and free up some good seats!