I'll be Representing

I'll be heading from Victoria over to Vancouver to watch Saturday's game. I was thinking about picking up a Jersey to show my Ti-Cat colours but I've got a feeling the only Jersey's I'll be able to find out here will be Lumsden, Moreno and Printers. Odds are none of them will be on the team next year so It might be a waste of money.

I'll find something to shoy my colours though......Can't Imagine I'll find many other Cat's fans there.

If there is any other Cat fans going to the game let me know. We'll meet up for a $12 beer or somethin'.

I'm hoping to get over from Courtenay, but it means an overnight stay in the big smoke. (They're putting on a special late night sailing from Tssawwassen to Victoria for game-goers, which is good for you, but way too long a drive for me, especially after brown pops at the game).
Nevertheless, I haven't seen a live Ticats game since the 99 Grey Cup so I'm working myself up to go, damn the expense.
I've got all my Cats gear (sweatshirt, flag, 1972 vintage hard hat, etc.). Good luck finding any Cats stuff out here.
I think Woody on this forum had an earlier post saying he's flying in from Ontario for this game and was looking for Cats tailgaters, but nobody's replied yet.
So there might be a few of us diehards at the game.
Is there a decent booze can near the stadium to have a pre-game beer?

I'm still a pretty new transplant so this is my first time to BC place. If anyone knows a good spot for brown pops after the game I'm there.

I'm sure us Crazy Cats will be easy to pick out in the crowd. If You don't find me I'll find you.

Let's go you Cats!

You should go to the "dog pound" across from the stadium. You'll find a few Cat
fans there and a good crowd. Weather is suppose to be nice so, the patio will
be open. They usually have a BBQ going with a deal for a beer and burger.

get a blank one if you can

i'm flying out friday morning(sure hope my arms dont get sore) and meeting up with tommyboy1.not sure where we are going for pregame yet

I'll be there around 2 or so so I'm sure I'll hit a few drinking establishments before kick-off.

Can't wait. 2 more sleeps!

OK, the best place to hiik up will be "the pound" @ 118 Robson.
On the corner of Robson & Beatty. Right across from the stadium and
in the middle of all the pre-game action. Look for the Black & Gold!!!
See ya there.

I`ll be there too. Unfortunately, no time to make it to a pub before the game . But will look for my fellow Tabbie fans in the stands!!!

Looking for a big upset tonight!!! Oski wee wee. Go Cats!!!! :rockin:

Join in on one of our tailgates

there are 2 locations

  1. across Georgia Street from the Shark Club....corner of Georgia and Beattie ... block and a half from the Dump [aka BC Place]

  2. Behind/beside Costco ... off Expo Blvd between the Dump and GM Place

Look for the Orange and Black .... of the Senior Cats :lol:

3rd down are you actually a Ticat fan? or just a good spirited Lions fan who doesn`t mind the ticats :smiley:

CFL Fan ... living in Vanny

Go Cats ... but Roar Lions