I'll Be Missing.......

Sometime today, I’ll be heading to Toronto to get ready for departure to Orlando, Florida for a couple of weeks. So, to all my Conservative supporting colleagues…I haven’t gone in to a deep depression over the election. Just taking the wife and kids for what is the real Winter Holiday. Gonna spend the first week hanging out with the Mouse. So, I’ll see everybody sometime after February 12. Maybe I’ll post a picture or 2 if I can figure out how. :oops:

Umm, excuse me argofan4life. Why exactly are you doing the Board of Governers Phoenix like thing, shouldn't you be going to say a city like Winterpeg for your winter vacation? I'm ashamed of you going down south and not spending your money in our country, you are a Canadian citizen and a CFL fan!!


Yes, the Peg is a wonderfull winter get away...lol, spend your hard earned cash in the Casinos..
For the kids, the Peg has the Museum of man and nature..
For dad, Winnepeg has all the ladies of the night, one man can handle..
For mom...who cares...lol..

Actually I really want to take in a Cats/Bombers game in Winnipeg this year, might be a nice short vacation to drive from Hamilton up and around Lakes Huron, Superior and on from there, do some camping on the way. From all the pictures I've seen of the Peg, looks like a nice city. But it is irresistible not say 'Winterpeg' or 'Mosquitopeg', just like some like to call my city of Hamilton Hamilsmell or something with the steel factories here. All in good fun.

Winnipeg looks awesome in the pics, reallt wanna go there and go to Calgary someday.

take care of yourself Argo, ya come back now ya here!

heck, maybe he can vist me in Georgia.

The way its Snowing up here...Can I come Too??????

Well, I'm outta here......Sporty....we'll be at All Star Sports at the House of Mouse for the first week.....See you there if you want. To Earl and hank....I understand the thoughts, boys, but to me, "Winter" and "fun" don't belong in the same sentence. That's unless words like Florida, Aruba, Hawaii etc. are also in the sentence.
Kanga.......I'd love to see you in Atlanta, but I don't see the wife and kids being willing to make the trip.
Happy chatting while I'm gone, boys.

It would take you two days to reach Winnipeg from Hamilton. Good camping though, between Lake Nipigon and the Lake of the Woods, however empty the region is. Thunder Bay is a nice city, too.

winter, whats that, has anyone seen it this year, I was in Edmonton last week, not a flake of snow on the ground and +10 C, winnipeg has had the mildest winter on record, right around 0 most days......

Since we're on the topic of road trips, I'm hoping to make a road trip to Montreal for when the Argos play the Als in August. I just hope I'm able to get a seat for the game tho.

Hey folks, I'm back from the south. Had a great time, spent a crapload of money and brought mrsargofan4life and the kids back with me. The wife, as usual, didn't want to leave, but as usual, we did.
We took over 200 pictures on our new digital camera, and if I can figure out how to post them, I will post a couple. I may need some remedial help. :oops:
Looking forward to the opening of the CFL season. Good schedule for the Argos, don't know how anybody else feels.
It was great to get away, but it's sorta nice to be back. Geez, it's still winter. :roll:

welcome back, god it's been cold in Georiga that last few days!

I thought about you a few times when I saw the Georgia forecast, Kanga! You might as well have been in Canada!

ya, at least in Canada I would have the white crap to show for freezing my butt off.

but at midnight last friday, after watching the Opening Cerimony on TV, I went outside for a smoke and it wan't bad? their was a chill in the air, but that was it! Was a great time just to think.

And "crap" is a good way to describe the white stuff. Our last night in Florida, it was pretty chilly, but my kids went into the pool along with some school girls from New Jersey. The girls had just won a cheerleading competition at Disney and were celebrating their win. A couple of their moms weren't too happy with them.

did they turn in too little girlsicals? :lol:

Good one Kanga!!!! :lol:

Welcome back argofan4life; We'll be awating the pics!