Ike Charlton Released

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That's interesting.

....I liked Ike.....too bad that ol father time caught-up with him....I know we kept him on for his experience but his play slowed quite a bit this year .. A younger Hicks or someone else, they have in mind, will fill his spot....This is a team very much in transistion...could be some more surprises by year-end :wink:

All the best to the Iceman, he put in some very good years of service for the Bombers.

Having said that, I like the proactive response from the brain trust, don't sit on your hands, try to get better.

Best wishes to Ike. He was a great Bomber.

too bad for ike. but.. he has noticably lost a step this season. hearing a guy like kent or hicks are the 2 candidates to replace him. guess u need ur sam lb to be able to cover sb's 1 on 1 and ike hasnt done that this season. the lb's have been our weak spot id say.. best of luck to ike in the future. perhaps he's finished now as u think at the very least u might be able to get a draft pick for him.

Thanks to Ike for all his efforts for the team over the years.

As some have said, age and injuries over the years have slowed him down a bit. I also think he fell into the post NFL tryout jinx. He had his shot in the NFL after a great season up here but was never the same when he got back, as seems to be true of a number of players.

...I know Ike has some bad feelings about being cut but my...my....what an outburst when he left....Says he's going to take all of the player/playbook info. he's learned ,while being a Bomber and take it to his next (to be announced) team...more or less selling it with himself, to gain employment.....OUCH.....i thought he was a 'bigger' man than that...He's lost some respect from me...
Enjoy your retirement Ike...cuz i don't think you're gonna find any takers for your info., to go along with your expired talent :thdn: ...Geez i wished he hadn't gone out like that :thdn:

Definitely very bitter about it, too bad he didn't show the same passion out on the field of late, he might still be employed.

yup. i dont blame ike for venting, im actually more disapointed that hustler and lawless would have him on a couple hours after he was released. i mean, what do they expect him to say.

he was peaced… he let ppl know, he might have had his head up his butt and is another case of a veteran player not realizing they arent good enough anymore but…

what peaces me off… he would slam the bombers abit and then say but im not gonna go there cuz thats not the type of person i am, talking about things with DA (armstrong). well, ike, dude… that was last year.

i also find it funny he said i had a feeling since training camp that they were looking to get rid of me. really?

it has nothing to do with your play on the field ike?

maaan, i gotta feed my familly says the guy who played in the nfl for abit and has made about 80-100k per season for the last few years up here.

gimme a break. i feel no sympathy for these players at all.

good riddance ike. u wont be as missed as you think.

ill tell u what… i wont miss seeing ike miss a tackle or be burned 10 times a game by a receiver who isnt the fastest.

one last thing.. there was a quote from ike.. said something like "i had to be great".

well, NO KIDDING. some of these players man, i just dont understand their logic. hey, ive been here for years, its ok if i suck.. well no.. if u suck and ike sucked for more than last game... u get replaced.

At least this year he has a playbook to offer someone. I pity the guys who were cut adrift last year.

Maybe he'll spend a week or two in Regina later this month....