IIHF World Junior Championship 2018

Canada looking good up 4-2 in the 3rd. Refs and review got it right, not enough evidence to overturn a potential Finland goal even though I think the wrong call was made by the one ice officials. But not enough evidence to overturn, the NFL should be watching. :wink: Well, the CFL also. :wink:

9.5 seconds to go, Canada will hang on to win but too many penalties, have to be more disciplined, super goaltending by Hart. Great opener win! Nice job boys!

Canada got a break on their first goal. The officials on ice and in the replay booth got that one wrong. And you are right Earl - they have to stop taking penalties or else they could be in trouble.

The USA is looking good tonight - mind you Denmark are pretty weak. The outdoor game Friday between the USA and Canada is going to be a chilly and potentially snowy one with a game time temperature of -10C with a couple of inches of snow that day and possibly more if lake effect ramps up. Sounds like tickets are going well with about 45,000 expected.

Hopefully it won't be snowy as that will really slow down the game but hey, it's outdoors, you get what nature gives you.

What was with the abysmal attendance? All the 3 games including the USA game, couldn't have had maybe 7000 apiece tops.

I heard there was a good storm in Erie, PA. But Buffalo was clear.

Looks like tournament organizers haven’t learned much from previous editions overpricing tickets.

In 2011, prices were cheaper and the Canadian dollar was at par while now its more expensive, the exchange rate is brutal, the tournament has been in or near the area (Greater Toronto) within the last few years so the novelty has definitely run out for Canadian fans crossing the border. Couple that with everyone saving themselves for the outdoor game on New Years eve will hurt game attendance for other round robin games.

The US has never been big proponents of this event anyways.

Perhaps hosting it in another border city out would have worked better.

Unfortunately, it’s turned into a massive cash grab.

Looking at pricing ranges for Canada’s game vs. Slovakia and Slovakia vs. the US tomorrow


The tickets for the Canada game are actually more expensive ranging from 30 to 110 USD as opposed to 20 to 75 USD. In what other tournament is the host team not the most expensive game?

Though these prices are much better compared to what was being charged for Canada’s games in Toronto last year, the respective organizers are risking this being turned into a strictly made for TV event. With 100% of the games in cable, that doesn’t bode too well.

Makes sense, overpricing plus all the recent times being here has probably contributed.

Hamilton had 13000 for the pre-tournament game, maybe they should split it in future years or return it to Hamilton where it made its name.

I agree there's a merit from keeping it away from NHL cities. Especially ones with no junior roots outside of their own prospects.

How were the prices in Hamilton for the pre tournament match?

My brother in London was saying that London is out of the running to be the host because, as said, the tournament has turned into a massive cash grab and the London arena, Budweiser Gardens, is now deemed too small at 9000. Not sure if this still is the mindset of those at Hockey Canada or whomever makes the decisions on this, don't know. :-\

The pre-tournament game in Hamilton was in the $20 - $30 range.

Was just able to watch some of the 1st period as the wife wanted to watch a movie with me, hey what can you do, it's holiday season but obviously with a decisive win, it looked like Canada dominated! I'll have to watch the highlights later.

Right now its basically slop. And the crowd sizes verify this theory.

Eventually it will round into shape when it boils down to the Top 3 or 4 teams.

Denmark looks like it sent out some frightened 12 to 14 yr old overgrown kids.

Finland doesn't have Laine or Jesse P but they're always competitive - just don't have the killer instinct Sweden, Canada or USA have.

Canada needs herculean goal-tending to advance to finals. Some good kids on this team but now with Jacob Bean going down - trouble a brewin'

Haven't seen Sweden yet - they're always trouble!

Arrogant Americans will also provide resistance!

Russia is still in typical sand-bagging mode - lets see what they've got once tourney gets serious - they're sole purpose now is avoiding Canada or Sweden in playoff round!

I guess the ice was in pretty poor condition at New Era Field for the USA team practice yesterday. They had to stop their practice several times to fill in divots that formed in the brittle ice and placed water bottles on dodgy ice areas for players to avoid those sections according to a story in the Buffalo News.

At this time it is expected to be very cold with perhaps some snow but it appears no major snowfall for the game so it should be able to be played still. Apparently a final decision will be made by the IIHF late tonight. If it can't be played at 3:00PM tomorrow afternoon at New Era Field they will move the game to Key Bank Arena for an evening game.

Outdoor game was a bad decision. These under 20's don't have NHL Pro-type insurance in the case they rip up a leg or destroy some ligaments (or worse)

Awful attendance thus far - but I strongly suspect the financial model for this year's tourney is based primarily on TV money, rink-board sponsorship & other forms of sponsorships (ie. advertising, programs, vehicles, state grants, participating college contributions, etc.)

In places like Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Grand Forks, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Moose Jaw, Brandon, etc. the hicks will come out in droves for $10 or FREE ducats to see Belarus take a beating from Finland or the Czechs play the Swiss!

Only some of these folks will attend the biggy games (Can vs USA or USA vs RUS) and pay the big ticket prices; probably denying their children meals for a few days!

I don’t know, usually just the presence of team Canada or team USA is enough to draw a big crowd, regardless of opponent. Its a short 2 week tournament during a time when people are off looking for things to do…a “build-up” to bigger crowds shouldn’t happening.

I think they’ve over overestimated themselves. May need to lower prices and venue size in the future.

Sadly the host broadcaster (TSN) has accepted contractual rules that forbid them to criticize (or even mention) crowd sizes. Only if its SRO or close to SRO - and rabid - then the announcers will be all over it.

But with 60 to 85% of these arenas dressed as empty seats - don't expect things to change!

If the tourament tickets were even twice that amount, we'd see much bigger crowds. Instead both Hockey Canada and USA Hockey got greedy and its nice to see them wear the goat horns.

The stench of the 2015 Grey Cup stage move permeates the air....LoL :wink:

Or how about this stench of some $5 mill + bucks of taxpayers money, 5.6 mill bucks to be more exact, for a temp outdoor rink and they can't even play some youth games! Different stench but stench just the same. 8) Come to think of it, way more stench!

Scanlan: Capital Cup games moved as Parliament Hill rink bitten by cold snap

How can an outdoor skating rink possibly cost $5.6 million? Here's the breakdown