ignorance is bliss

I really think I enjoyed cfl a lot more back when I wasnt aware of ref issues, or stadium issues or ownership issues or attendance issues or parking issues or tailgate issues or drunken fan issues, or announcercommentator issues, etc

It was so nice to just enjoy the games on tv and that was that. sigh

thank god the internet didnt exist back then

and dont tell me to stay away, cause I have been addicted to sports forums ever since Flutie went to Buffalo

maybe I need an intervention :lol:

No mention of expansion or rule changes?

that be covered under ETC :slight_smile:

"And another thing! You see back in my day, when the government told us about something, we didn't ask questions we just went along with it and fought the good fight and ..." :lol:


Ignorance is bliss in the grotesque world of sports. Before cable, the NFL didn't exist; Lancaster was God, and it was fun to sit back or work in the garage listening to football games on AM radio. All the Grey Cup games were epic battles forever etched in our memories.

Before cable & the internet, sports & leisure didn't preoccupy our lives 24/7/365. All there was to look forward to in the summer & fall was the weekly football game and weekends at the lake.

Part of being special is "sometimes." At least that's what my wife tells me :slight_smile: