Ignorance gets you nowhere.

this is a mailbag letter from an idiot who feels he needs to take a shot at the CFL, with his uneducated, uninformed babble.

I read this in the Edmonton Sun Sports today.


Finally, the first meaningful football game played in Toronto in years and it takes two teams from New York State to make it happen. Granted neither team is a contender. But just the presence of this NFL game creates coverage all over North America for Toronto. For that reason, this event is more important than the entire Toronto Argos season and probably was seen by more Canadians than viewed the Grey Cup.


Its his opinion, if he wants to follow the NFL and slag the CFL its his choice, doesn't change the CFL is alive and still being enjoyed by Canadians all over the country

His opinion, he can have it all he wants, and more. Whatever.

IMO CFL's 50x as entertaining as the NFL, the NFL is just there to give me my football fix when the CFL isn't on :smiley:

LEt him be American, imo the CFL is more Canadian then hockey, every year every CFL fan watches the Grey Cup, Not every Hockey fan watches the stanley cup cause 7 times outta 10 theres 2 american teams. The CFL is truly canadian and is there for football and for fan entertainment and not just corporate money making like the NFL. Peyton Manning makes 20 million on just commercials! TOO MUCH $$$$$ GRUBBING PIGS IN THE NFL! If Toronto wants to be american let them!

Too bad we can't deport idiots like that.

This Paul Joyner guy probably doesn't do his research. Nay, he definitely doesn't.

Grey Cup drew 6.1 million across Canada. The Bills game drew less than a 10th of that, at 524,000. Source: http://thestar.blogs.com/sportsmedia/2009/12/news-media-vs-the-leagues-the-battle-continues.html

I Wonder how many tuned into see the Vanier Cup?, CIS is good Canadian Football. :thup:

this guy is so full of it, there is no room in his bladder for the regular stuff

Hate to say it, but MOST of the friends I have back home (Winnipeg) feel that way about the CFL (they call it the Children’s Football League because fans of the league haven’t GROWN up yet). We’re part of the generation that the CFL lost. They routinely come down to States to see REAL football (the NFL). I am a devoted fan of this league, but I love the NFL and NCAA College Football as well. The last CIS game I saw was the Churchill Bowl in 1990. Hate to say it, but most people I talk to think like that guy.

including RDS...One million people wathed atleast part of the game...
Overall the number BBM Canada gave it for english Canada was 399K

I have read this 3 times and simply do not understand it.

Sorry, it was late and cold medicine tends to fuddle up everything. I love the CFL, the rest of my friends from Winnipeg think its for children. There is a large group of people in their late 30s to mid-50s who feel that way. They simply love the NFL more than the CFL. Specifically referring to my friends, they'd rather drive to the US (Minneapolis, Chicago, and Green Bay) to see games, and buy NFL merchandise, than go to 35 minutes to Canadinns Stadium and see a game or buy a CFL item. Sunday is spent watching NFL prime ticket and MNF gatherings are the norm. A group of 20 were in Minneapolis for the Vikings v. Bears game (bad game too) instead of watching what was a great Grey Cup. In short, I am in the minority as a CFL fan among them, so when someone says that "REAL FOOTBALL" has come to Toronto with the Bills v. Jets game, there is a very large base of people who'd agree with that statement. Hope that is a little more clear and less rambling.