IFAF U19 World Championship Lets go Canada

The under 19 football championships are underway, here's the link if anybody wants to watch Canada take on Japan http://www.canadafootballchat.com/live_games.php

Canada wins 33-24, they will take on USA or Austria ( unless a miracle happens it will be the U.S) on saturday night in the Championship game.

Canada is up 10-7 at the half http://www.canadafootballchat.com/live_games.php

2nd half about to start.

Canada scores on opening drive of 2nd half.

Canada up 23-14 with 5:00 to go YEAH BABY!!!

Did I just see you leave a comment on the youtube page, geo?

Canada wins gold Baby!!!!!!!

Way to go Boys!! :rockin:

Well that's a game. Canada wins it. What a weird finish, though.


Yet people always try to find reasons why Canada can'y excel in sports save for hockey.
Congrats to our guys and good on them for showing Canada is indeed a football nation as well.

Speaking of which... Canadians won both the boys’ and girls’ singles at Wimbledon. Not bad for a country that hasn't been much of a tennis power.