IFAF U19 World Championship Game - Canada 24 USA 6

Canada makes some pretty impressive big plays here

IFAF U19 World Championship Game - Canada 24 USA 6 Full story

Canada captures gold in China with win over U.S. (Youtube video - no sound)
CFC Staff on July 10, 2016 Source: Patrick DeLottinville, Football Canada

Pair of Rocheleau receiving touchdowns leads Canada to victory

Harbin, China (July 10, 2016) – Canada’s Junior National Team defeated the United States 24 – 6 in the gold medal game at the 2016 IFAF U19 World Championship in China on July 10.

Canada and the U.S. have faced one another in each of the first four U19 World Championship finals.

With a victory in the latest installment, Canada has evened up its U19 World Championship finals record at two wins and two losses. Canada previous captured gold at the 2012 worlds in Austin, Texas to go along with a pair of silver medals from the inaugural 2009 event in Canton, Ohio as well as the 2014 edition in Kuwait.

The latest win also marks outgoing head coach Warren Craney’s final game as head of the program. Craney served as defensive coordinator in 2009 and 2012, before first adding the head coach responsibilities in preparation for the 2014 worlds.

“I’m very proud of these men, they overcame a lot and worked their butts off!? said Craney of this team which faced both Mexico and the U.S., the defending bronze and gold medalist, twice during tournament play. “They executed the game plan to perfection.?

The win is even more impressive considering that early on, Canada looked to be in serious trouble.

Following a failed Vincent Blanchard field goal from the 32-yard line, quarterback Lindell Stone found a wide open U.S. receiver down the sideline, however, linebacker Nick Cross (Regina, SK) had other ideas. He neutralized the threat as he forced and recovered a U.S. fumble at the Canada 24-yard line.

Canada was unable to capitalize on the turnover. On their following drive, the U.S. responded, taking an early 3-0 lead on a 22-yard field goal.

The U.S. would regain possession on the following kickoff as the ball was recovered by an American defender at the Canada 26-yard line. The Canada defense was able to hold the U.S. at bay, forcing a field goal attempt that missed the mark.

Canada pulled ahead two plays into their following series as quarterback Dimitri Morand (Gatineau, QC) found receiver François Rocheleau (Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC) along the sideline for an 80-yard touchdown, giving Canada the lead 7-3.

Canada would not look back as a 47-yard Félix Lussier-Roy (Sherbrooke, QC) touchdown run would widen the lead, 14-3, heading into halftime.

The defending silver medalists would strike again early in the second half as quarterback Dimitri Morand connected with François Rocheleau, once again, this time on a 67-yard play-action touchdown strike to give Canada a 21-3 advantage. With a pair of touchdown catches, the André-Grasset receiver earned Canada’s player of the game honours.

On the following series, the U.S. came out gunning, but the Canada defense was equal to the task as Bruno Lagacé (Boucherville, QC) stepped in front of a long Lindell Stone pass to give Canada the ball at midfield.

Canada capitalized on the turnover as Vincent Blanchard (St-Germain-de-Grantham, QC) nailed a 40-yard field goal attempt to increase the Canada third quarter lead 24-3.

Nearing the end of the third quarter, the U.S. added a 27-yard field goal to decrease the deficit 24-6, but that’s as close as they’d get. Team USA continued to press the Canada defense throughout the final quarter, looking to narrow the deficit, however, the Canada defense stood strong and held an explosive American squad without a touchdown on the evening.

The IFAF U19 World Championships are held every two years since 2012 and Canada will enter the 2018 event as the defending champions.

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Congrats to our boys a long way from home!!! :rockin:

Congrats to Team Canada.

Says a lot about the quality of high school and youth football in Canada. And it's always nice to have bragging rights over the Yanks. :cowboy:

Warren Craney should quit wasting his time on charades like this and focus on his job at York - - after SIX (6) seasons he's got an incomprehensively bad 6-42 record. How is it possible that even a mediocre football coach couldn't build a somewhat respectable program in the CIS after SIX (6) years?

It'll be interesting to see how many players off the Canadian roster end up as 5 star recruits at major D1 schools.

You know, you should stop wasting your time posting Canada/CFL hate garbage and adding to your reputation as a complete ***** and focus on making valuable contributions to this forum. How is it possible that someone with such a negative outlook would want to post on a subject that seems to give them so much pain. Is the craving for any kind of attention that acute that you want to take every positive story and make it negative? Save the rest of us some pain and see a head reducer.

Just calling it as I see it, my friend.

It's inexcusable to have a 6-42 record in the CIS - - I'm pretty sure even you could manage to win six games in six seasons as a coach in the CIS.

Sometimes I think that this is all Area 51 can see

I just call it as I see it, my friend.

I can't even begin to fathom how it's possible for a coach to go 6-42 in the CIS. It's almost as if you'd have to try NOT to win in order to have such a pathetic record.

Please, could someone explain to me how Warren Craney has only managed SIX (6) wins in as many years running the York program?

Troll51, please stop being your usual psycho a$$wipe and trying to deflect credit and hijack this thread from the kids who had a great accomplishment. Serious WTF is wrong with you? It's not as you see it "my friend", it's how you troll it. Only a total ahole would want to take credit away from those kids and of course you fit the bill. FFS see a doctor about your esteem issues.

Speaking of "the kids" it's interesting that there were FIVE (5) players from York on the team. Ironic how they couldn't win a single game last year in the OUA, but they can beat a team of American "all stars".

It is what it is troll.

Great Around the Table tonight on TSN with the coaches . O'Shea did a good job backing up Canadian talent and Dickenson backed him up with his assessment of Buckley on tonight's show . Two level headed coaches .

It's hard not to like O'Shea I hope he keeps winning . He defended the CIAU / CIS talent well .

Really liked Dickenson's honesty in the 2004 Grey Cup stating he thinks Printers that year should have had the opportunity to start and that the coaches got in the way of that year's Cup final .

Why would you put a negative spin on such a positive ?

You call it as you see it ? So will I.

You are out to bring everyone else down.

"Why so serious ? Lets put a :smiley: on that face."-Joker

Back on topic.

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My comments are objective and realistic.

Celebrating the U19 "championship" is akin to declaring a national holiday after a Spengler Cup win.

Or to use a non-sports analogy, it's like a village of unemployed fishermen proclaiming it has a thriving economy.

Well I have to side with Satan here, but what's the catch? Are the Americans not sending their best players? TheCanadian teamseems awfully too Caucasian / Asian to be be competitive.Like I know their are Josh Raneks, and Wes Welkers out there, bit they are exceptions.

Or people who claim to be objective and realistic who use that excuse to always find negatives in any positive situation.

:roll: Good lord, Bungle...

You know, this thing was in China. It's entirely possible that Canada didn't send its top team either. Not every kid can just pack up and go to China, even in the middle of summer.

Canada routinely does well at these. it's not a new thing. Back when they held the NFL Global Junior Championship, the American team fielded a team built solely from the state which hosted the Superbowl that year. But that's no longer the case.

Here's the guy who played QB for USA:

The University of Virginia football program has received a verbal commitment from Woodberry Forest (VA) quarterback Lindell Stone, a junior rated as a 4-star prospect by 247Sports and a 3-star recruit by Rivals, Scout, and ESPN. Stone, a native of Dallas, Texas, chose the Hoos over offers from Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Tulane, Wake Forest, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. He held some Ivy League opportunities as well.


The 6’2?, 205-pound signal caller played seven games for Woodberry Forest his freshman season, throwing for 498 yards with five touchdowns and one interception. As a sophomore in 2014, Stone completed 40-of-58 passes while throwing for 392 yards with five touchdowns and two picks. He played in only five games that season, though, missing the final three contests with a broken collarbone.

With Stone as its starter throughout the entire season, Woodberry Forest went 8-2-1 in 2015. He finished the year with 3,494 yards passing, 39 touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

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Troll51, the wheels are in motion to say bye bye to you and your bullshit, and if I have to go too to get you outta here that's just fine, I'm sure others will be thankful.

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