IFA - US/Mexico Football League in 2025

I came across this organization this morning and found it interesting. I’d like to see it succeed as I think it’d be pretty cool having an international football league. If it ends up being successful, they could add some Canadian teams and make it a true North American league.

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Looks a little fishy to me.

Half the team American and half globals is basically the same idea as the Canadian ratio. Currently the CFL is trying to get rid of the ratio because it artificially inflates salaries. Considering how low the salaries in the IFA are supposed to be, they wouldn’t want to do something that is unnecessary.

The other issue is that I’ve been told by CFL gate keepers ad nauseum that any type of ratio can’t work in the states. While I don’t subscribe to that theory it would be fairly interesting to see what happens.

Chances are very good that they don’t play a game and take the money they get from sponsorships etc and run. Ironically they can’t flee to Mexico if they take money from the locals there.


Mexican laws may not be the same as American laws


Still have American cities listed though lol. If it was only in Mexico I could see it working.

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That’s quite the footprint for a start up

Mexico Locations

Cancun - Guadalajara - Chihuahua

American Locations

Dallas - Las Vegas
Tampa Bay - Alabama - Portland

Former Elks GM Brock Sutherland looks like he’s running this league.


yeah that was the other reason why I saw it as fishy lol. XFL couldn’t make Seattle, Tampa Bay and Las Vegas work. This “new league” is going to struggle with travel for sure.

I couldn’t find Brock Sunderland on Twitter but looked up Hal Mume. He didn’t mention the league on his account which is also suspicious.

They don’t mention the time of year that they would play as far as I can see. Obviously summer is too hot in Mexico. Spring they have LFA. FAM couldn’t make it as the competition so IFA would most likely struggle too.

Dallas and Alabama currently have UFL teams so I’m fairly sure it’s a recipe for disaster.


The more I read these descriptions of this league, the more this sounds like it was some virtual project made up from hot :poop: from some former USFL trash hub league fan boy, who apparently has bailed on the UFL 4.0 in his tormenting current misery with nobody reading his blog of made up :poop: , as he cries fondly about those “good old days” during the pandemic.


I didn’t do too much checking into. It’s a shame that it (probably) is a sham of a league. I like the idea of a league like this that could possibly have teams all throughout North America. Maybe one of these days it could come to fruition. :slight_smile:


I think most people would like it to happen one day. The key is starting small. Texas vs Mexico and then slowly branch out.

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I feel like as described should first be a sequel to “Breaking Bad” first in a multi-season Netflix series, you know some relative of perhaps that Gus Fring, and maybe a better Salamanca than that Lalo or Hector, as the villains who launder all those millions also through a new sports league as they shuffle “concessions” between stadiums across the desert.

Somehow Saul Goodman is back too.

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