I don't consider a skills competition as a way to determine a better team.Overtime should be it, not who can beat a goalie on a breakaway. I hate shootouts. They don't prove anything.

The US had trouble squeaking by the Swiss, had to go to shootout to beat Russia and had to go to shootout to beat us. Not exactly a powerhouse at work.

For sure the shootout has to go away for the medal games. Canada was all over them in the overtime.

Canada had 2 almost good goalies, The USA had 2 very good goalies.

Usually the team with the best goaltending wins.

That said this tourney seemed to be whoever had the most powerplays won.

Hmm - a Habs City - yes. Hockey? That can be debated considering the turnout for these games at the Bell Centre.

Two years ago when the medal round games were in Toronto - every Canadian medal round game was at or within a few hundred of capacity at the ACC. The gold medal game - that I was at - was not only a sellout - but an overflowing crowd with every corporate box full - standing room only with way more people than seats in many boxes.

The Bell Centre - a few hundred short of capacity for the Gold Medal game, 10,000 short of capacity for Canada's Quarter-final,and 7,000 short of capacity for Canada's semi-final and there were many crowds under 5,000 for the round robin games in Montreal.

In both World Juniors shared by Toronto and Montreal attendance was way better in Toronto than Montreal.

And in both cities - yes the prices were too high.

DAN38, I think you are the one that is living in a daze or fog. Canada has showed the world they are still the best? HUH? You just got punched in the gut at your own game on home soil by the USA for the second time in less than a week. Man up and give credit where credit is due, and enjoy that silver medal. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!

This site just hit the skids with Flutie2 on here. hahaha. Are you fresh off a ban on Argo Fans? Former 1argoholic here. hahaha.