If Canada plays tonight the way they played last night, we should be hoisting a gold. When these other teams play the trap(including the US) All we need to do is dump and chase. Don Cherry has been saying it for years. Last night Ducharme had the Canadians do exactly that and we win 5-2. Great game.
For the first time ever I was hoping the Russians would beat the US, not because I am afraid of that team(we can beat them!) but because of their style of play. They should have been penalized several times for taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct. Maybe it's just me but I don't think after you score a goal you should be able to stand over the defender and scream at him. Also the US has taken to feigning injury much like the Euros do. I have lost much respect for the US players.


I've never had respect for US of A.

Yes, Go Canada!

So far so good.

Where the game at? I thought it started at 830...ohh never mind found it lol

Canada looks very quick, sharp. Only one period done though, lots left.

These kids are monsters. Is there any hockey players under 6 feet? Lol

That's for sure! :o

Gold medal game in montreal. Cant be in any better hockey city for this game

Dang 2 2

I think im bad luck

Not good, back to square one, Canada not as sharp in the 2nd frame.

Very frustrating. I have to keep reminding myself these are young men.

How many times do these guys have to pass before they shoot. Power play, Canada gets 2 shots on net but must have passed the puck 75 times. When you are standing alone in front their net, you shoot it, you don't pass it !!!!
2nd period -the US looked good only because of the stupid plays we were making.If we play like we can, this should be easy. I can't understand how we suddenly go into a stupor and play like crap

Mr. Roy must be reading my posts.

This Joseph kid is lightning fast. Damn

Stevens is one heck of a player as well. But those pesky Americans never give up, not as talented perhaps overall as Canada but just as gritty and determined. One heck of a tilt this one is as is usually the case when these 2 teams meet. OT should be amazing. Hockey at it's best, no fighting, you fight you're gone from the game, the way the game was mean't to be played IMHO.

I cant watch... To nerve racking i wont sleep if they lose and i gotta get up at 5

In the last ten years or so whenever we have a team playing for Canada they seem to go into a daze or stupor or fog or whatever you want to call it. We did it so many times in this game, TOO MANY. We let two 2-goal leads evaporate. We gave the puck away too many times. We stopped playing the game that got us to this point.

On the other side we played great and exciting hockey and showed the world we are the best still. Losing by a goal in a shoot-out of all things is nothing to be ashamed of. It was a great tourney with lots of really good hockey. We almost did it !

Just unfortunate one team had to be the official losing team in this game, fantastic game, congrats to both teams for a great game. This shows the best of what hockey is all about.

Nothing to be ashamed about for the Canadian boys at all, for sure Dan.

I fell asleep after a very long day in the 3rd period with Canada up 3-2 but had the PVR going - so watched the finish this morning. Only one problem the PVR stopped just as the shootout was starting - lol. Tough way to lose a game (just like TFC losing MLS Cup).

Should help creat a lot of buzz for the rematch in December at New Era Field - in Buffalo where next Juniors are being played. They've scheduled the USA - Canada round robin round game to be outdoors. May want to go to that one.

I hate to say it but this American team was better. They beat us twice. You have to have that killer instinct and we didn't. My wife was getting po'ed at me because all game long I could see the writing on the wall. Canada would start running around in their end, give the puck away, I'd say a choice word and the US would score. You could just see it. Some guys will have trouble getting over this one especially Dube I think it was who muffed that pass leaving him with a wide open net for a sure goal. Roy for totally screwing up in the shootout and just dribbling the puck towards the best Jr goalie in hockey. Also we shot wide on another attempt. We need better goal tending next year. I'd love to see the Petes Dylan Wells get a shot. He was drafted by the Oilers and has been incredible this year just leading the Petes to their longest winning streak in years at 10 in a row. He always faces tons of shots but has been brilliant. I know he's on Hockey Canada's radar as he's played in a couple of the big tournaments.