If you're "Kean" on Maver .... some Good News!

The Stamps, considered by most observers, likely to draft the Guelph P/K in the first round of Sunday's draft appear to have gone another route. Two days before the draft, they've signed free agent non-import punter Warren Kean, who was the #2 overall pick in the CFL draft 3 years ago. There's still a good chance that Maver will be gone before the Cat's first pick (#12) with the Argos having #8 and #11, in addition picking #1.

I may be wrong above in calling Kean a punter. He is for sure and at least foremost a kicker.

I dunno...The draft is like playing poker and Obie is not the only clever GM in the league. My first reaction to this was that Hufnagel might be doing this to have the other interested teams, namely us and the Argos, possibly overlook drafting Maver with their first round picks, selecting another player, then grabbing him with their second pick at #13.

The Cats don't have a first round pick, and their first pick is at 12. If Maver is there (which I doubt he will be) the Cats, IMO, will scoop him up regardless of what Calgary has done. No way Maver drops to 13.

If Stamps don't take Maver The Boatman will they pick 3 time Before We Pick once

Calgary has lost two starting NI O Linesmen, they realistically may not have the luxury to take Maver and they have a their punt game covered with Dales, Keane is adequate as a place kicker.

The Bombers are also in need of upgrades in their kicking game. IMO the only shot Hamilton would have at Maver is to trade up.

I think the fact that Ito is still on the roster speaks volumes to the fact that he may get to compete in camp as the punter. He seemed to be a pretty decent punter last year in the 1 game he played. I'm sure he would be gone already if there was no interest in ever using him again.

I remember reading a couple articles recently where Obie hinted at possibly using an import punter if needed. I am certain they will have at least 2 guys at camp competing for the punting job. Probably Ito and whatever non-import they can get their hands on.

Punting is a lot more important than many realize. the best one should get the job. Canadian or not..

I agree that punting is important. Teams that win the field position battle usually win the game. I think ideally a Canadian would be best, but I also agree that the best player should get the job. I just think that to maximize the ratio a Canadian punter would be better than an American one.

Exactly. If you sign an american punter, you lost any advantage you gained by locking up a good canadian kicker.
If you're gonna go that route, why not sign an american that can fill both jobs, and free up a roster spot?

Zenon Andreshyshyn redux?

I hear you guys on a non-import being better overall but Ito is also a very good place kicker. If Sandro ever got hurt I would rather have Ito backing him up vs. a guy who is pretty much only a punter.

I agree with you again (I'm sensing a trend here, lol) but if we can somehow snag Maver -- which I know is a huge if --, then he can do both and is a Canadian. Pipe dream? Perhaps.

That’s a good point about having a solid backup kicker, but IMO that’s something you can deal with as it comes up.
You say Ito’s a good backup…well where did he come from? Right off the street when Setta got hurt.

Play the ratio game while you can

If the punter gets hurt though we may be screwed at least till Obie finds a replacement. Sandro's stats show no punts at all.

2X :thup: I think he handled himself superbly in the one outing we saw him in.

I mentioned this back when Sandro signed with HAM. His bio said he averaged 42 yds. a punt in his jr. year of high school. If he could do that then, with a bit of punting practice added to his daily schedule, you'd expect he'd be quick to get that skill back, at least enough to be a good emergency back up should Maver or Bodnar (I'm hoping one of them is a HAM pick tomorrow) get hurt. And, either of them are capable backups for DeAngelis' kicking duties.

As for using an import as kicker or punter (or both) -- sure in an emergency like last season when Ito was brought it, but other- wise, for me, he'd have to be the best in the league to warrant giving up an import spot elsewhere on the roster.

I seem to remember Dave Stala being a pretty good punter in an emergency situation.

No disrespect to Maver, but Im not going to cry if he gets drafted ahead of us. IMO, Chris BODNAR is the better punter of the two (Maver avg. 41 yard BODNAR avg. 44 yards). According to punting guru Coach Zauner, BODNAR's only issue was getting his punts to turn over, which he corrected. More leg strength than MAVER, however, MAVER is a better punter directionally.

Bottomline is this, we win with either of these guys.

Kean signing is bad news for the Cats.
Kean will be kicking FGs, and Dales will be punting.
Calgary does not have a kicking need anymore.
That takes away one of the scenarios to nab a punter which was if Calgary drafted Maver they would have no use for Dales and we could acquire him.
Now it is between the Ticats and Argos to draft Maver and you will hear tomorrow "With the 11th pick the Toronto Argos select Kicker Maver"

I guess all the maver fans will be busting out the champayne after the Toronto/Sask trade lol.

I hope Maver slips to us and i hope Bob drafts someone else instead lol, just to see how worked up some fans will get over an average punter