If your team left, would you still watch the CFL?

Honest question for many of us football fans, especially given the situation in Hamilton and the Argos financial difficulties.

…how about yes, but there’s a chance I may not watch every game as I do now?

not a problem for me...lol

If Edmonton left, my interest might wane, but I'd probably still watch the occasional game.

I wouldn't be as invested (ie. I wouldn't write a blog about it), but I'd still watch. I really hope I never have to worry about that. Sadly, it looks like I might.

can't see that I'd ever have to worry about that?

That wasn't the point.

Yeah, but he saw an opportunity to gloat about his team, and he took it.

I'm talking about Edmonton... sheesh, I live there.

you honestly think Edmonton would ever leave?

let's put it this way.. the only way Edmonton won't have a CFL team is if the league folded.

the Esks have one of the best run/organized teams in the League, heck, BOTH leagues.

they'll never ever leave the city.

i'm just being honest.. afterall we're not in Ontario, our fans know how to care for their teams.

Okay...so "your" team is then Edmonton. My bad...thought you were a Rider fan...

So answer the question - if the team you cheer for left the league, would you still watch the CFL? It's not rocket science...

no, because there won't be a CFL if they left.

I think I might print this and frame it. :lol:

I may not cheer for them but I have a great deal of respect for their organization. they run it well.. on field product? eh not so good right now but they do a fantastic job off field.

just look at the Grey Cup for 2010?

fantastic and I can't wait to be a part of it!

I will be there (heck I work like next to Churchill square)..

I'm not going to get into a war of words, but your crack about Southern Ontarians was completely unnecessary. Don't paint everyone with the same brush. There are plenty of very passionate fans in Southern Ontario, and Ontario as a whole. I could very easily take some shots at Edmonton, but I won't. Show some class, will you?

go for it, take shots at Edmonton!

but don't take any shots at our sports fans!

Back to the point of the topic, gentlemen. :wink:

I wont stoop to your level.

And just for the record, if it wasn't for Southern Ontario, do you really think the league would have the TV contract it has? Without Southern Ontario, there would be no league.

And you still haven't answered the question.

I have answered the question yes.

and we don't need Toronto to have the CFL. the WEST is the class of the CFL and include Montreal.

Jeeesus! You guys wanna take this pissing match to PM?

nah, don't know if he knows how to use it.. :wink: I kid I kid..