this is for all the armchair quarterbacks who continue the belitlle maas, and every other qb we have played...u CANNOT pin the blame for every loss on the qb..there are so many other factors that effect our OFFENSIVE offence.ie..play calling, weak o line, lack of effort, to name a few..BUT we r sooo quick to blame our qbs...GIVE THE GUY A BREAK DAMN IT,.i was talkin with a ticat player on wedsnesday night at a local bar and he even said that maas is not comfortable with the offence that has been called so far this year..so now lets put it in context for everyone..if at ur job ur told to do somethin that ur not comfortable with r u goin to perform to the best of ur abilities???hmmm???think about it..and 1 last thing, even the announcers acknowledged that maas is playing injured..so think about yourself: you probably take every oportunity to take a day off work..a cold, sniffles, whatever. MAAS ISNT

Maas does not look like himself. That is one thing I do know. I agree though, fans can't put all the blame on him. Perhaps someone should hold a private meeting with Jason and see what the problem is and how it can be rectified. If he is uncomfortable with something, it will definitly affect his play.

On the other hand, the Coaches put together a game plan vs. visiting team that they think will give them the best chance at winning. I am not sure how much say players have, but generally the coaches have the last say :wink: If a player has a serious problem or feels that uncomfortable with something that it affects his play etc, he should say something.

Maas threw for over five thousand yards a couple years ago in Edmonton.

Yeah, Maas has had a lot of success before.

well, reguardless, maas has made some very poor plays this year that have nothing to do with play calling or offensive line.however, you are right, maas is not the only one to blame. there are times when the team just doesnt look prepared to play. thats coaching. i dont know how many times the cats have either had drives hampered by undisciplined penalities or continued opposition drives with, again selfish or undisiplined penalties. the solution:new coach,new co-ordinaters,some new players,new philosophy on defense and offence and maybe alot more accountability. let maas work under a new better system for a season and if he faulters still then we know he has to go aswell.

who cares what maas done yesterday, in ticat uniform, he totally reeks.

It is too easy to blame Mass.

Saskatchewan used their 3rd string QB and still destroyed us.