If you were the GM, would you release Buck Pierce?

It's a divisive topic among fans, players, coaches, and the media. Buck's spirit is willing, but his flesh is weak.

Given our porous O-line, would releasing Buck be doing him (and the Bombers) a favour?

I wouldn't release him, I'd ask him to accept a new role with the team as a backup, QB coach, maybe assistant OC, like the Als did with Brady, transition him right out, seems to have worked out for them.

Why did you post the same poll twice, once here and once on the main boards?

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The poll questions are similar, but not the same. The poll that appears in the CFL talk section asks people to assess Buck's value vs. detriment to the team.

This poll puts Bomber fans in the position of GM Joe Mack and asks if they could look a QB who's given his heart, soul and body to his team in the eye and tell him that he's being released.

This is my only account. I don't know why you would think I have other aliases. You're ranting and accusing me like a mad jackass.

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All I did was ask you a question; nothing more, nothing less.

Where is the "ranting and accusing" ??????

No, i would not release Pierce just yet. I'D Make him 3rd string tho and transition him to possibly a qb coach next season with the team, The people blaming the oline for bucks injuries? really,, being tackled for a loss and getting hit in the leg by your own guy is the fault of the oline? i dunno about that, these injuries are flukes, not getting creamed, brink took the hardest hit so far, not pierce.. Pierce has been injured on pretty innocent looking plays.

The real question here is.. Would you release Pierce? If yes, would you not complain and cry about the fact that we are gonna be bad then, because who is to say, and i like both brink and elliot, i like elliot more, he has that field general in him that you need, THERES YOUR LEADER. but.. would you be willing to deal with a 3 4 5 6 win season with elliot and or brink?
would you support them stilll? show up for home games? cuz if u say no, then No, you dont release Pierce. If anything you make him 3rd string mentor transitioning to qb coach for next year.

I touched a nerve, I guess. . .

I think if Brink or Elliot steps up ,it will make the decision easier. I think Buck may get one more shot!?

...Hate to say it but I believe Buck is done. He may return as a back-up toward the end of the year but I think the no 1 spot is Brinks for now. If he can't get it done then Elliott is our go to guy.(and i wanted to trade him away awhile ago, glad no one took that advice :lol: ) I've also liked what i've seen from Goltz , so it's nice to have some depth. These guys have also been around for a few years. Tought to say but I wonder if they were waiting for the inevitable. I know Bomber management most likely was hence the re-signing of all of them in the offseason. Who knows what the future has for Buck? I think the writing is definitely on the wall as far his playing days are concerned . But we'll have to see :roll:

4 to 6 weeks for Buck, plenty of time for the back ups to secure the starter spot or prove they can't.

Regardless of what the backups do from now on, I think you either release Buck at the end of the season or ask him to accept a coaching role. The parade of injuries is making it impossible for any QB to get the full benefit of practice. Pierce gets all the first-team reps but then comes out of the game half a quarter in. Brink gets no first-team reps but has to play virtually a whole game as the starter. It's enough already. I respect Buck, but he can't stay healthy, and frankly, even when he is healthy, he isn't the same player he was a few years ago. His decision-making is frequently poor and he appears to have lost his touch on the deep ball. It's time to move on.

I think that's right. The search for our next QB starts now. Brink and Elliott have a chance to step up and take the job. If they can't do it over the length of time that Buck is out, it's time for Mr Mack to get hunting for next year.

He's got the heart of a lion, but a body of glass. The problem with keeping him is that he continues to take the 1st team reps in practice, which causes 2 major issues:

  1. the offence gets used to his cadence, timing, etc.; and
  2. the back ups don't get the proactice time with the 1st team.

Buck goes down before half-time, and now the offence has to adjust to a QB that isn't used to them, and he isn't used to the players. This isn't fair to either the guys that have to step in to replace Buck, or to the guys that now have to adjust to someone they aren't used to playing with. Buck may make a decent QB coach, but he is holding the rest of the team back. Time for Winnipeg to cut their losses and start looking to who is going to be their guy going forward.

No, you were just shooting off your mouth & acting like a jackass. I'm sure it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Loudmouths like you get what's coming to them, eventually.

Trade him to Saskatchewan. Brendan Taman is in the process of dismantling the Riders, similar to how he dismantled the Bombers and prior to that the Lions. I'm sure he can send you a quality player in return.

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Why in the world would the riders want Buck pierce? They are ahead of the curve in realizing that new US imports and NFL free agents are now very famliar with the CFL thanks to all of the coverage in the states. Drew Willy will is going to be a star on the rise in the CFL. His QB coach In colege was Danny Barrett and Barrett has prepared him for the CFL game. Didnt You see his pocket presence and quick reads and decision making in the pre season.