If you were the Eskimos, would you sign Lumsden as a FA?

so you know he's Injury prone, even though Jessie denies it! (moron)

he seems to always get hurt here.

Do you as the Eskimos, take the risk in signing the guy even though he seems to always get hurt?

do you take that financial obligation to someone who seems to have no ability to stay healthy?

myself, I would not! Harris seems to be a good RB and you need to be sensible these days, with the Salary Cap.

Is there even any talk of Edmonton being interested in him...? Seems like kind of a random question to ask.


Seriously? I haven’t heard anything… :?

If they are, it has to be on his ability, not his NI status.

The funny thing with Jesse is that most think he's a ratio-buster because you're starting a Canadian at a typically-impot position. BUT, with him it actually works against you because he's out so much, so you either have to start an extra Canadian anyway in case he gets hurt, or back him up with a Canadian (which is not easy) or take out an import starter when he gets replaced by an import backup.

In that sense, he does little to help the ratio.

i think Toronto would definately sign him

I would absolutely take a close look at Lumsden. The Eskimos would have to weigh the medical evidence first but I believe that the up side of having a Canadian taking up a skill position makes the gamble worthwhile. Yes Harris has shown promise but he is also on the limp.

For my money the ratio tips my opinion here, I would love to see Lumsden follow his Dad's footsteps in Green and Gold.

The thing with the Esks is that they already have a legit CANADIAN running back in Calvin McCarty. If the Esks take a chance on Lumsden, even if he does get injured the Esks would always have the option of starting McCarty. So Lumsden injured on the Esks most likely wouldn't screw up their ratio.

With Lumsden's injury history and his likely high salary, I am sure the Esks wouldn't hesitate to put him on the 9game IR if he showed any sign of still having constant injury problems. So in reality, this would not be much of a risk at all for the Esks.

I didn't know McCarty was a NI. You are correct - that changes things from their perspective - they could treat the HB position as NI, freeing up an import to play somewhere else.

IMO, Lumsden has been a big bust in this league so far, but I believe its because of the fact that he is too injury prone to be effective. If he can become a more durable player, then its worth the risk. There are some players that never reach their full potential, in all sports. He would be an exciting player to watch if he could stay healthy, maybe one the best to play the game, he does have that potential.

Go for is eskes.he will be hurt all the time.your runnin g game will get worse and that will help all western teams kick your a$$.Come on $hit harris is doing good.Lumsden would be great if he wasn't made of glass

The Esks don't need another RB. We don't have enough running plays in the book to justify having 3 potential starters at the RB position. McCarty can start while Harris is on the mend, and Bertrand can pick up some slack at his FB position. That is, if our coaching staff sees it that way.

Lumsden would look good in Green and Gold. The injuries he is getting has a lot to do with conditioning and the way he runs to be effective. Being Canadian why wouldn't anyone sign him.

Having more Canadians on a team defiantly helps in the options department so I'd say yes, sign him up.

Sign him, and have Lloyds of London supply Health insurance!

Another factor that comes into play here is the grass. Although artificial turf is far better than it used to be, grass is still more forgiving and is proven to extend careers.

cflisthebest is very right on this one. the kid's a ratio changer, that's about it. it's not like he's in the cis anymore and is head and shoulders above all the other political science student/running backs he was up against every week when he assaulted the record books. for what he's going to command on the open market, and the fact he's an upright runner-his style will never change therefore he's always going to have problems with the wing.
you just don't give that kind of money to a guy who's played a handful of games especially when there's a
guy like harris already in the system.

someone will take that gamble though and think they're going to change his style-good luck 7 other teams, buyer beware.

city legend

Nah he isn't a bust. Compare him to a lot of Canadian running back careers and he is right up there already. It's just that we know he has the talent to rush for 2000 yards easily, but for whatever reason can't keep himself healthy. Throw him as an Eric Lapointe back and he could flourish.

That seems to be the rumours flying around the Hammer for around the past month. Don't know where it started (I saw it mentioned in a blog by a Spectator sports reporter, that could be it). He listed a few reasons that Edmonton would be the logical choice (and was lambasted on the Ticats postgame show for it).

Here's the link:


It's under this heading: Pass Pressure? Please? Pretty please?

Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. It’d certainly be interesting to have him on the team.