If you were the coach (Jeremiah & Dane)

I'm interested in hearing opinions on how the team might involve both QBs and I hope we can keep this thread free of the, already, much discussed and unsettled question of who's the best.
Things to consider:

  • Reports suggest they've been equally impressive throughout training camp.
  • They've reportedly had equal reps in camp.
  • Their obvious talents and abilities are not as different as other two QB successful situations (i.e. Collaros & Streveler).
  • It's probably very unlikely that both will be TiCats next season.

My thoughts:
At this point, I'd consider playing each of them for a half and switching who starts, at least from time to time. It would be unusual, but like continuing the training camp plan and keep the two QBs active and getting equal game action. The personal negatives of following that plan would be the players not having full stats, and being less likely to be named all-stars and award winners. To compensate, for that, the club, could make a deal to pay, and split between them, the highest dollar value of contract bonuses, one of them, as the lone starter, might receive for such accomplishments.
If not that, my second thought would be to develop numerous individual QB specific plays, i.e. for Jeremiah's running, to change this situation of two guys, conducting the same plays, pretty much, equally well.


Interesting thoughts. I like both of them. I’m not sure something rigid would be best. My preference is to pick one starter for each game (could be different for each game) and have packages ready for the other that can be executed as needed. If the starter for that game gives us a safe lead, then play the other for the rest of the game. If the starter falters then replace him at least for a while. The Guelph experience of throwing in a different look every now and then certainly helped us win a couple of games. I just hope if we play both in a game, they both play well. I really don’t care who starts in Winnipeg. It would be great for both to play well. I just want us to beat them up badly😁
Great thread…thanks👍


Prior to retirement, I worked in a department where I (and everyone else) was partially rated individually on group metrics as well as strictly individual metrics. I found that very unfair.

I don't think our dynamic duo would feel quite the same way as I (and I assume others) did, however I do think they would both have to be 100% enthusiastically behind this idea for it to work.

I agree, Mike. but they have appeared to be "enthusiastically behind" the open competition at camp. If I was one of them, and the coach told us, today, that in his mind, there was no clear cut winner and offered up my extra compensation plan, as an alternative to him having to choose between them, I'd agree to it, compared to a basic "flip of the coin" decision that could see me riding the bench, instead of showing off my skills through a season that will determine my 2022 value to the TiCats or another team.

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I think there are a couple of things in play for me

If all is equal, as coach I would start Masoli because of the old addage,
"all things being equal you don't lose you position due to injury"

And I would start Masoli just to completely piss @Garney26 off! :rofl:


That old adage is about as accurate as "tie goes to the runner".

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I would suspect that if the TiCats were not hosting the GC and being an early favorite to be in the game, both would not be here now. They are both starters. Two quality QBs are a great insurance policy. The Riders had that situation in 1989 when they won but Burgess left in 1990 and lead the Bombers to the title.


We would rather not talk about 1989 :laughing: :laughing: It's still a wound that hasn't quite healed .

Pat Lynch (a big narles fan)


I love the degree of thought that goes into the opinions of the fans - some of y’all should be working in the front office :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Using both is preferable but a coach never knows how that will shake out. Different QB's react differently to being yanked in and out. I see Dane being the principal starter with Masoli mixing in until its clear Dane is much better.

The starter will be the primary QB and he Will Not have a short leash - neither would want to be looking over his shoulder with every incompletion/interception - that wouldn’t be fair to the team and no way to get a QB in rhythm.


Masoli should be and I would be SHOCKED if he isn't named starter.

Just a more polished experienced QB. Evans is very very good and is our future...Masoli is GREAT and is our present.


There are no ties if the runner is Shohei Ohtani of the Angels . He bats left and pitches right and has hit 37 HRs . But to answer the question , I would start Jeremiah because he is a more experienced QB with the Cats . We will need both QBs to win the Grey Cup and if Masoli falters, then Evans is in .
I wouldn't try the Joe Theismann/ Greg Barton rotation that the Argos employed .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

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Sorry did not mean to disrespect anyone or open old wounds. I just wanted to point out the value of having two very good QB's which the TiCats have now. The best tandem in the league IMO. Other teams may have 1 as good but not 2. I also wanted to encourage the fans to enjoy them both as one of them will likely be on a different team in '22.

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I have this memory of Edmonton doing the two QB thing with Tom Wilkinson starting and playing the first half, and Warren Moon the second. It worked well.

And Ottawa used to do something with Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster, but I don’t recall how that went.

But, like many CFL things, “it was a time long ago, and a galaxy far away”.

Masoli has to start.
Playing at top level. Gets hurt. Loses season and signs back on. He will be hungry.
He deserves the shot Evans is indeed the future but Masoli has got to be the man if all things are indeed equal in camp

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As they only played 3 seasons together and that was 1960 - 1962 I'm not surprised you can't recall how it went. :wink:

Joe Barnes and Conredge Holloway
Also rememeber the Cats had a version of this. Someone with a better memory than I can speak to.
2 CFL rookies Eddie Smith and Dave Marler

Easier to recall -- Tom Clements and Condredge Holloway sharing the Ottawa QB duties for 3 seasons ('75 -'77) and that went pretty well -- 27-19-2, they made it to the Eastern Final each year and were Grey Cup champs in '76


They were both bad. It's not the same