If you were Rob Katz...

...what would you do with the remainder of this season to improve the team? Would you trade one of our better veterans for some up and coming talent?

never...a lot of the players "up and coming" are usually busts, they have one or 2 good years and then just fall apart, its really hard to judge up and coming talent in this league and i think it would be ridiculous to trade a valuable veteran for a chance that maybe that player will turn into a superstar.

If I made any trades, I would check to make sure the incoming player was not already in his option year.

A reliable, proven veteran center who could long snap, and get this OLine mess sorted out...check to see that he is not "fragile" to injuries, and can "lead" the unquestioned talent we have into something resemling a coherent unit...

This would "fix" a lot of things, and right smartly!

Having answered your question, who is the gentleman, and what do we have to part with to get him?

I'd work on the O-line.

good call, kinda like why kamu got traded, he had a good year then became a bust,
look at thurman.. he couldnt catch a td pass if it was given to him on a rope.

If I were Katz..I would hire a GM(WITH CFL EXPERIENCE)..then step down as GM..stay as the marketing "guru"

Find and hire a Head Coach, and give him the reins to do what he wants.

I would fire the coaches and start fresh. As if these coaches remain, it will own current players away and in the off season it will make it hard for free agents to sign here.

I posted yesterday the cats need to find a GM with football experience then hire a coach in that order. We need to fix this team from the top and work down. If Katz has to stay on then I would suggest he find some offensive lineman fast. Our blocking has been horrific and when you can't pick up an inch on third with a yard gap it’s a total joke.


i would go and fire lancaster because he is just making this team a mess. then the next thing i would do would be hire this great reciver named craig yeast that lancaster decided to fire for no reason! :thup:

Makaveli - the bone's been picked clean. Let it go, it will be better for your blood pressure.

I I were Rob Katz what would I do? I have no idea to be honest. (And I don't often like to admit I don't know :wink: )

I would step down and give the job to somebody who has a lot of experience at running a football team! a guy with a proven FOOTBALL background! :roll:

I would runs polls on ticats.ca everyweek asking the fans what to do since they all know better than me. I wouldnt make a single decision without getting consensus from the fans. Then it would be on them and they could start complaining about themselves :twisted:

i dont think we could run the team any worse than its being run rite now.

You want reasons you got em:

  1. He was uncoachable
  2. He doesn't like to go over the middle
  3. Will not catch in traffic
  4. Shows up his teammates
  5. Won't go after a pass that isn't perfect
  6. Seems to jog on routes if he isn't the preimary receiver
  7. Returns kicks like he's tip toeing through the tullips


Get rid of the floaters now so next year and the year after etc. we don't have these guys. A 1,000 yard receiver is an over-rated stat IMO for the very reason a 40 home run hitter is in baseball - it doesn't tell you the quality rbi's the guy produces to win games.

Dead on!!! Some great receivers never get 1,000 yards but are still topnotch players. Same with RBs who don't get 1,000 yards rushing. Same with sack stats.

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