If YOU were OC

If you were OC- what would you do? IMO Kojo should be in the mix in the Offence - He is as good as Lumsden- MVP cis winner- They could run traps and reverses with holmes and ranek ,radlin- run pass routes out of the backfield.IMO

As good as Lumsden? No way.

However, I agree with you to a point. IMO he’s a nice balance between Ranek’s toughness and Holmes speed, and would be good for red-zone play.

Run a few more slants and curls that will open up the outside of the field for longer out patterns.

Keep on running the screens and shovel passes. They work really well.

Run some more power running plays, with Radelin lead blocking through the hole to pick up linebackers, rather than draws and singleback dives.

If I were OC I'd get rid of that handoff out of the shotgun. 1- the back starts from a dead stop. A major advantage of the CFL is that players are allowed to move toward the line prior to the snap and build up some speed. 2- I think it allows the D a better view into the developing play. 3- the first step of the back (from a stand-still)is usually east- west.
I agree with the shovel pass

I like the increased pre-snap motion of the receivers - more so in the Montreal game

We used to run a real effective centre screen in the days of R. Williams and J. Smith. Don't really recall seeing it too much.

Finally, while not the OC's call- in '98 and '99 we ran a great fake punt up the middle to Jarrett Smith. We ran it 5-6 times over those two years.

First play, I'd set DJ off, top speed, and bomb it to him.

Whether it works, gets intercepted, or falls incomplete, the defence HAS to start counting on it, and it will open up a running game.

They need to go deep even if it's a low percentage play to keep the defence honest. Without it, the LBs and DBs all cheat and play up close and reduce the chances of all the short and mid-range stuff working. You can't score with any consistency if you're trying to do it 10-12 yards per down. And when the offence stalls, you have to rely on Boreham who has been less than reliable this season.

An Argo fan

Can't tell, cause when I do become OC my attack will be a surprise.

The fundamentals of Paopao's offense are sound, IMHO. The problem is that we don't have a regular deep game to allow the intermediate zones to open up for the passing game. So it becomes a hitch-pass festivus rather that something that challenges an opponent with some unpredictability.

Corey Holmes should be part of the solution for this if he is used as a slotback periodically in the passing game. Allow Corey, Flick, Ralph, and Yeast more opportunities to stretch the defence. I had my fill of Barressi but I will hand it to him: when we were successful the last couple of years he let Danny Mac and Eakin go vertical.

Oski Wee Wee,

To help the deep game out, more pronounced and designed rollouts for Maas would be ideal. He is not a pure scrambler, but his mobility is very good.

Oski Wee Wee,

Aside from keeping the D honest with a few deep ones here and there, and getting the O-line's act together, I wouldn't change anything.

I don’t have a problem with the short pass as long as it is productive.
Last game the Cats used it about 93% of the time with moderate success.

The short passes will open up the deep ball as it lulls the secondary to sleep.
If the Cats want to throw for 5 yards on every play that is fine as long as they are moving the ball and getting first downs.
The offence needs to keep its head in the game by reducing penalties and most importantly putting the ball into the endzone.

You have to take what the defence gives you and if they will only give you the short 5 - 8 pass that is fine.

Last game we seen in the fourth quarter they did go deep and it was open.

The only thing that matters is putting points on the board and whether it comes in one 60 yard pass or twelve 5 yard passes doesn’t really matter as long as they score.
Ball control paramount to everything else. If you have ball control that means you are moving the ball and keeping our defence off the field.

I do think they need to make more half-time adjustments because it seems defences are making changes which stymie our offence.
I would like to see a little bit more running. If you can get a 50/50 split of running and passing you should be holding the ball for the majority of the game. If you can hold the ball for 35 minutes plus a game you should be able to win.

These next couple games will go a long way in determining if this offence can compete with the rest of the league.

If the Cats can continue to keep possesion of the ball and score points when they are in close you should start to see the “W,s” add up.



That’s when we had the best offensive line in the leaqgue allowing a record 7 sacks in '99.

There’s the diference. Our O-line this year only has one returing player. Once the O-line gets on the same page the offence will flow.

If I were offensive coordinator:

  1. I'd establish the deep-ball game early. No sense waiting until the fourth quarter to take shots down the field.

  2. I'd start using Vaughn, Morreale, and even Ranek as possession receivers to acquire first downs. I'd have Vaughn run crossing routes with the other receivers going deep so he gets a linebacker matchup in open space. The more successful this is, the more chance my wide receivers would have of getting open.

  3. I'd run a few reverses and fake-reverses involving Ranek and Corey Holmes, who needs to get more involved in the TiCats offence.

  4. I'd challenge my wide receivers Yeast and Flick to step up their game and beat corners one on one down the sidelines. And I'd remind all my receivers not to run a five-yard pattern when it's second and eight.

  5. I'd run the ball more in a fullback set with Radlein blocking for Ranek or Holmes. I'd also have more formations involving both Ranek and Holmes to create a double running threat that confuses opposing defences.

  6. I'd get the O-line to move the entire pocket strong-side to draw coverage and then have Maas throw weak-side to the WR in man coverage. With the speed of Flick, Ralph, and Yeast, this could pay big dividends.

  7. Play action, God, play action!

  8. No more than a few hitch passes per game, with at least one of them being a pump-fake to set up a bomb down the field.

  9. Run more screens. With a good blocking fullback like Radlein and a fast but tough runner like Ranek, the screen is golden.

  10. Run more post patterns to the sidelines for the ball-control game to open up the inside of the field for the slotbacks. If you use the whole field, space will eventually open up for you.