If you were GM..Bruce for which Ticat?

Bauman was beaten out of a starting job by Stala, and Matt Carter can back Stala up. Bauman has potential, but seems to be taking too long to develop. He was becoming a non-factor in Hamilton. And I think there's a real chance that he might eventually want to play out west when he becomes a FA. So no big loss there.

And Mace is no big loss either. Obie just got rid of a headache.

This is a good trade for us.

Does anyone know what the length of Bauman's contract is? This is his third year with the club and I can't imagine they signed him for anything longer than 3+option. Or is he in his option year already? I also suspect he'd probably try to hook up with Winnipeg or Saskatchewan when he becomes a free agent.

My understanding is that Bruce signed a new contract with Toronto for 1+option back in January.

He in his Option Year

Um.. who is Matt Bouman? No one on the Ticat roster by that name.

I agree with Hendy.
Leave him alone he would just destroy that dressing room.We don't need him

This is a good move by Obilovich because even if it was a towel being offered in exchange by a western team it was worth it to Rita to make the move and keep him away from their two rivals.

BobO was boxed in with Mace so he clears that problem. As far as Bauman I think the team might have given up on him becoming a dominant receiver and no one can argue with that.

So it ends up being Moreno and Bauman for a first round pick and (Arland Bruce for at least one season for cheap). Obilovich can see how Bruce produces and what kind of a leader he is this year and decide what they do next year.... pay the 190k, try to renegotiate or cut him.

So it ends up being Moreno and Bauman for a first round pick and (Arland Bruce for at least one season for cheap).

Do you mean Mariuz and Bauman? Moreno already plays for the Blue team.

If you go back to the Moreno for Canada that became

Moreno and a conditional pick for Mace and a 1st round pick

Mace and Bauman now to Toronto for Bruce

If you want to see what Obilovich got in the Moreno deal it is acatually

Moreno +Conditional Pick + Bauman + Jamal Lee for Arland Bruce +Darcy Brown + Ryan Hinds

I would say Bruce for a third-round draft pick next year and the rights to non-import defensive end Corey Mace

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/football/2009/07/29/10301401.html]http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/footbal ... 01401.html[/url]
8) Where the heck are you getting the idea that Bauman is included in this trade ????? :roll:
  He is not  !!!!!


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