If you were GM..Bruce for which Ticat?

I decided to start my own Arland Bruce thread....

I personally think he would be a great addition.

Reading some of the other thread's in the 2 other posts, Perache Rodriguez's name is mentioned as a potential player for the trade........If this is true....I DISAGREE....with trading Perache....we brought him into this league....we are developing a star....no need to get rid of him...that being said....some thoughts if you all were the GM....who would you package together....(your trade can include Perache aside from my personal opinion)... My trade is :

Corey Mace
Matt Bouman
second or 3rd round pick


Arland Bruce III

Prechae for Bruce? I'll never get seasons tickets again for the Cats if they do this but they aren't that stupid you have to know.

Oh god! it better not be for Prechae or even Chris Davis.

Future considerations.

Conditional draft pick.

Negotiation list player.

Not one live body off the roster, no thank you.

Chris B and rights to mase! You heard it here!:stuck_out_tongue:

If we do give up a player or players in this rumored deal, I wouldn't shed a tear if we dealt KK, Tre Smith, Bauman, Gagne-Marcoux, Barker or the rights to Mace. All of these guys are depth guys at best.

Obie has to do what he has to do, but I would be very upset if he dealt Rodriguez. Prechae is a budding superstar, especially if Bruce is opening up the field with him in Hamilton.

Where would Bruce play? he's a slotback right, and were doing pretty good there with Stala and Davis.

We could always get a rotation going between Davis and Bruce though. Imagine the devastation there.

How would a rotation be any better than either one of them by themselves or with the other on the field?

Has he ever played WR, cause we do have a spot there opposite Prechae that hasn't been effective enough imo.

Bruce can play anywhere. The guy has speed to burn and sweet hands. We aren't paying him 190K to ride the bench. He will start.

Arland Bruce for neg rights to Corey Mace and one of Davis, Ball...

I hope Bauman stays.

I think he's a bit rough around the edges, but can still be a key player for us down the road.

Better trade him for Porter. Hard to believe that Bruce is going to sit back and accept Porter as the starter when it's obvous (to him) that Glenn is the man. By reputation, Bruce doesn't seem like the type to respond real well to the term "coach's decision".

If this is confirmed, maybe it will work out and I'll eat my words, but if it turns into a circus, who will really be able to say they couldn't have predicted it. I've seen too much circus in Tigertown in recent years - this move makes me less of a fan than I was yesterday.

Anyway it looks like Obilovich is willing to gamble that the Argos won't trade him. I still think someone will take him. We shall see.

Why do you say that?

Seems like we are trading for him and Obie isn't waiting for them to release him.

I don't think the Argos will get equal value for Bruce because teams know they want to get rid of him. However I believe there is enough interest from a few teams that they would rather acquire him in a trade then try their luck in a bidding war if he was a FA.
Obie could give up players like Tre Smith and Corey Mace without weakening his team. Argos could use a PR like Smith and Mace might be able to replace Belli one day.
I still think Edmonton have to be interested as they never have replaced Jason Tucker, but I don't know what they would give up. I don't think they would part with Maurice Mann. Tristan Jackson ? maybe.
Winnipeg are probably interested also as Arland played well there before. But what have they got that would be expendable. They won't want to give up Bryant or Edwards.

IMO the Argos need is at WR and/or KR.

give them Hage, hage and his buddy belli can kiss each other, plus he can play guard for them, its time for a new center and legit shotgun snaps, because hage is useless at shotgun.

I wouldn't trade anyone.

It ain't worth it.

One has to count the cost of NOT improving the rec. corps.

If its for Bauman and Mace that's about as painless as it gets.

A GM is supposed to make his team better. That's what Obie has done.