If you were Edmonton ?????

So there is a big game coming up this weekend between the Esks and the Leos that has implications in the standings. So if I'm Edmonton, who would I rather play in the playoffs at Commonwealth stadium? Saskatchewan or B.C. ???

A BC win this weekend means they will clinch 3rd in the West. So does Edmonton go into their game against BC this weekend and say, "hmmm... I would rather play Saskatchewan, so we need to beat BC at all costs" or do they rest some key players (or keep them on a short leash), and play some next ups if they are wanting to play BC in the playoffs?

I would think that Calgary or Edmonton don't really care who they play in the playoffs, but management would prefer to Play the Riders for the extra ticket sales that a Rider draw would generate

Well, BC at 9-7 can still catch EDMONTON for 2nd technically.

I'm sure the Esks would love to rest some guys but that will happen in Regina (unless the Lions win this week - and remember the Lions might get a resting Stamps team in week 20 as well - possible free win). And the fact that Edmonton plan on resting guys in Week 20 against a team with something to prove coming off a bye (Sask) means they know that there's a strong chance of losing to the Riders, so they will put the pedal to the metal against the Lions this week and nail down that home playoff.

Yup you gotta think Edmonton is playing to win the week to clinch their home playoff game. I don't think they care too much who they play.

:thup: :thup: agreed

As far as attendance in the playoffs…the Esks have had a good season…respectable weather and it will be strong either way.