If you were commissioner...

I find it intreresting but no surprizing that most voted for Expansion.

I voted for “a new salary Cap” cuz we need one to make the league storg before we think about adding more teams. (much to the surprise of most on this forum)

Instant reply woule be my next choice in betten the Cap and Expansion

Investing in amateur football whole be the last thing.

That is exactly what I would do. They NEED to get a cap in line.

Every Single Point Is Extremely Important Thowards The Future Of The League. I’m The Biggest Supporter Of Rising The Cap But I Think Even That Can Wait One More Year, The Biggest Problem With The League Is The Schedual Having Teams Play 3 Times In One Week And Other Stupid Things Like That. The Most Under Rated Thing Is The Amature Football. For The Amount Of Talent In Canada For Football It Is Seriously Under Funded. I Look At The Team I Played On Last Year. We Were The Only Team In Toronto In The League Plus We Had To Merge With Markhem And We Still Didn’t Get Enough Players Out To Play The Whole Season.

I think Expansion and the Cap are far more important than Instant replay.

If anyone is cut, suspended, waived or banned from their NFL, NFL europe, or Arena Football teams, try out for any CFL Teams. I want to see Ryan Leaf, Ricky Williams, or Terrell Owens play in the CFL. I know is funny when i mention Owens’ name, but Terrell Owens is the biggest fruitcake of the NFL, and doesnt deserve to play in the NFL, he deserves to play in the CFL.

Set up a anti-steroid rule, if MLB can do it, so can the CFL. so the CFL can be steroid-free just like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and several other sports leagues.

Bring back the All-Star game!

I let EA Sports make a Madden-type CFL video game

I think the commish does want a cap, but you have to realize that the owners are the ones that don’t want to follow the rules and already have tried to ambush and get rid of him. Tom Wright and done alot of good in his short time as head honcho unless the owners give the league overto him not much in a cap will be done. I suspect if Tom goes hard line on the cap issue the commissioneer post will be a vacant one again.

Calgaryred your so correct. We all agree a salary cap is a must or there will not be a league in 4 years. Some of these owners want to run the league.
Yankees $200 million payroll a year. You remember the NHL owners put that league to what it is now… Owners let Tom run the league and forget your Greed…

great call :smiley:

WRIGHT, mentioned that he hopes to have a SOILD CAP, next year…that is if the owners…of …B.C. , EDMONTON ,MONTREAL …and OTTAWA…want it…believe it or NOT…THE ARGOS , KEITH PELLEY, argued strongley to keep WRIGHT and believe a solid CAP is good for league parity and it’s image. :smiley: I AGREE with that. 8)

The ARGOS where not the only team over the cap in recent years , Montreal and B.C. were as well…they have gotten a bumb rap on this issue.

The OTTAWA press, jumped all over WRIGHT…and the OTTAWA ownership issue was the excuse… :roll:

Well ,OTTAWA are 1 and 1 , and I hope that the bone head OTTAWA PRESS…talks about footbal and not the fact that woman are collecting beads at OTTAWA games…They want the GLIBS to fail.

As they did the last time they were there in OTTAWA…winning shuts them up. :smiley: