If you were at the Rider game

If you were at the Rider game, and stayed until the end, can you answer a couple of questions for me.

  1. How long was the delay?
  2. What time local time did the game actually end?
  3. Did a lot of people stay through the delay?

not 100% on any of these, but...

  1. About an hour
  2. All I know is it was Sunday...
  3. Absolutely. I would guess somewhere around half, maybe even 2/3s of the fans stuck it out.

I've watched the video of the game since and it was a lot more fun than it looked on TV!!

...I'd be more interested in getting answers to these questions please:

  1. During the biblical downpour did Tillman's hair move whatsoever?
  2. Was there an improptu wet T-shirt contest and if so was the winner cold in any way?
  3. Does excessive outside soaking lessen the alcohol/blood ratio of a Rider fan?

See, now these questions I can answer with some certainty...

  1. No. I think Jm has a photo of him waving the flag posted somewhere. not a hair out of place.
  2. yes. And yes.
  3. No. In fact, when wet, we just tend to imbide more.
    And you are kidding yourself if you think an hours delay caused the fans to run out of cocktails...it just gave some time to go out to the liquor store and restock...

I stuck it out, it was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had at a rider game. I was sitting in section 107 so I was sheltered by the stands during the rain ( a lot of people came up there when the power went out) and every one was having a good time singing and cheering while we waited for the game to come back. When the game resumed I was sitting in the front row behind the riders bench (got soaked but every one was passing around ponchos/garbage bags or sheltering themselves with tarps in other sections so it was alright). The players were so pumped up when they came out and every one was high fiving and hugging each other in the stands whenever a big play happened. Helluva good game and an awesome experience for the fans.

6-2 Riders!!!!!!!!!!

That's a very, uhm...interesting signature pic there, halfback.....

  1. According to the paper the delay was 59 minutes I believe.

  2. Approximately 12:15 am Sunday local time.

  3. I would say about 50% stayed, but the noise level didn't drop much if any.

Since I'm in Alberta now, the one thing I regret is missing Rider home games. But this game more than any others I regret missing. I could only imagine the electricity (figuratively) in the air as the Riders came out of the tunnel (to finish the game), take the lead, and win the game.

I just remember everyone started chanting "Let them play!" when the announcer said that the CFL would make a decision soon.

Probably one of the best games ive been to in a long time.

Yes and if some of the police and security guys had not said the game was cancelled I suspect that closer to 90% would have stayed!

I was one of those people. Except in section 106. Our seats were about 3 rows down from being sheltered from the rain, but when the game resumed we stayed under the overhang because other people had left their seats.

My first time in Regina! :smiley:

Welcome to hell

I wish I could have stayed, but my 11 year old sister was ridiculously scared (which is perfectly natural), so we had to leave.

Someone caught it on tape!


Pause that clip at 15 seconds and you can see that lightning strike light up the entire city.