If you thought *we* had a stadium controversy...

Check out John Oliver's take on World Cup wastefulness and corruption. Sad and hilarious at the same time:


Wow - that was amazing! everyone should watch that.

Oh yea. Hey, ship the stadium to Toronto afterwards, the one in the boonies in the rain forest that will be a bird pooper stadium afterwards. Toronto could use it then they won't have to spend so much money on BMO! :stuck_out_tongue:

What's more corrupt, FIFA or the Olympic head honcho committee?

PanAm Games is purity compared with this stuff! :o

Ok, this should be moved to "other" but Sepp says people are racist over this Qatar controversy. That's an interesting comment I will say.

Blatter said: "Once again there is a sort of storm against FIFA relating to the Qatar World Cup. Sadly there's a great deal of discrimination and racism and this hurts me."

[url=http://screamer.deadspin.com/sepp-blatter-says-were-all-racist-for-pointing-out-fifa-1588609165]http://screamer.deadspin.com/sepp-blatt ... 1588609165[/url]

Next time you have a minute, check out ol' Septic Bladder's comments on how to more popularize women's soccer.

FIFA makes other sporting games and venues look puny in comparison. They are absolutely corrupt.

They, because of who they are, will never make an avid soccer fan out of me. :thdn: