If You Thought CFL Officials Are Bad.......

Maybe its just me but do the Baltimore Ravens play under a different set of rules? Ray Lewis and his cast of felons seem to intimidate some officiating crews.How else could one explain the back umpire giving the Ravens at least two extra seconds to begin a crucial play that led to the winning field goal? Why does Ray Lewis get away with blows to the head and tackles that lead with the helmet?
I hope the Steeler game this Sunday has the super bowl referee from last year otherwise Ray Lewis and his gang may get away with murder again. :x
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

The Ravens are thugs, but man, are they fun to watch on D.

The Ticats would win a few more games every year if their D had a “kill, kill, kill” attitude like that.

Why dont the steelers just take Lewis knee out with a dirty low hit like they did to Palmer? the steelers have been a bunch of idiotic thugs forever and now their fans are crying before the ball is snapped? if you cant beat them with skill, take out the qbs knee and hope your own doesnt drive to the superbowl on his motorcycle.

I disagree, I think the current installment of the Steelers Defence is one of the greatest, if not the greatest ever. That player you are talking about who took Palmer's knee out accidently 3 years ago or so, Kimo Von Olhoffen isn't even on the team any more. The Ravens on the other hand are a bunch of undisciplined thugs who constantly make dirty and late hits and are always getting taunting penalties. I'd take the Steelers D any day.

accidentally? meh, game plan by a team knowing if they put the other qb out they have a shot. they knew it, they did it, it was dirty. The team still has that mentality and always has, its like goon football and they have nerve pointing fingers at anyone else if youve watched the steelers over the years you know what I mean.

I could be wrong but I don't believe the Steelers have knifed anybody recently. Come to think of it, didn't the Raven's linebacker get away with it? So much for the morality clause in the standard NFL contract. :?
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Thats why they carry guns, to avoid accidental stabbings.

Ray Lewis didn't knife anyone... and he wasn't charged with anything so you can drop the "thugs" cr@p... I hear this all the time as a hurricanes fan... its always "Miami players are all thugs" meanwhile they are rarely in trouble with the law and the one who are, clean up their acts. There are a bunch of schools with higher amounts of players with criminal records than Miami but since Miami have been so dominant(with the exception of the last couple) fans of other schools and teams are just jealous and can't take the fact that Miami has the most players on NFL active rosters. Not only are there more Miami players in the NFL compared to any other school, the Miami players are amongst the best in the league.

I think people who call Miami players "Thugs" they are just ignorant and have no clue what they are talking about and just resort to calling them "Thugs" because they are jealous of the fact Miami players the best and most dominant players in the NFL.

Oh and by the way Ed Reed is hands down way better than that long haired girl of a safety the Stealers have. But I guess since Ed Reed is so much better than every player at his position he is a "Thug" too right.

I'm not a fan of the NFL but when people talk about Miami players being "thugs" I just have to correct the ignorant people who have no business talking about them that way.

I guess Andre Johnson is a "Thug" as well for being the best receiver in the NFL this year... Yeah that's right another MIAMI player that is the best at his position. Come to think of it there is a Miami player ranted in the top 5 of 4 out of the 6 major statistical categories... but that all doesn't count or matter because they are all "Thugs" anyway. :roll:

So as for the game come Sunday GO RAVENS GO!!!

well mr. g bond or whatever your name is what do you think of the long haired girl of the steelers now.may the best team win and they sure did.polamalu rules.ed who?

The fact that you tried to call me out and couldn't even correctly spell my name, says quite a bit in it's self...

BUT to answer your question, that long haired girl of a safety is still exactly what I called him. His stronger TEAM beating a weaker opponent doesn't change my view of him.

What it all comes down to is the Steelers won the game and the Ravens lost... Polamalu didn't win the game him self and Ed Reed didn't lose that game for the Ravens, their Offense did.

When you break their teams down and compare the two players, Ed Reed is the superior player at the Safety position when it comes to defending the pass and when it comes to being a threat to the opposing QB on every single down.

Although with both guys playing different safety positions you can't really compare their stats because if you know anything about football you will realize that Strong Safeties(Polamalu) are used in more of a run stopping role and Free Safeties(Reed) are used in more of a pass protection role...

So with all that being said let me settle all this with a little Career highlights and awards comparison...

Ed Reed

5x Pro Bowl selection (2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008)
4x First-Team All-Pro selection (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008)
1x Second-Team All-Pro selection (2003)
AP NFL Defensive Player of Year (2004)
Led the NFL in interceptions in 2004 and 2008
Led the NFL in interception yards in 2004

NFL's longest interception return (108 yards)
NFL's interception yards in single-season

College Career...

2001 National Champion
2x consensus All-American selection (2000, 2001)
Co-Defensive Player of the Year Award (2001)

Holds School Records In...
Career interceptions with 21.
Career interception return yards with 389.
Career interceptions returned for touchdowns with 5.

Troy Polamalu

5x Pro Bowl selection (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
3x All-Pro selection (2004, 2005, 2008)
Super Bowl champion (XL)
AFC Defensive Player of the Week (2008 - Week 2)
“Joe Greene Great Performance Award? (2003)

College Career...

1x consensus All-American selection
USC's MVP Award (2001)

The only thing Polamalu has is that XL Superbowl and the fact that he is still in the running for this years but that in it's self doesn't make him a better player in fact all that means is he has played on better teams.

Ed Reed on the other hand has set and still owns NFL Records and was named NFL Defensive Player of Year. I think that proves Reed to be the better player and reserves the right for me to still defend Miami players as being the top players in the NFL and not being "Thugs, Criminals, Convicts" or any other negative words that are used to degrade the players as well as the University of Miami.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! lol

Hehehe. I thought of my friend GBonds last night when TP intercepted the ball. :smiley: I wish we had a girl like him on our team. :wink:


When he picked it I was like... ahhh now I'm gonna here it from the haters on the ti-cats forums... lol

But the truth of the matter is I would much rather have Ed Reed on my team rather than Polamalu... but if Troy was the only one available I wouldn't mind him here either.

P.S. He is still a long haired girl of a safety... :stuck_out_tongue:

He is probably a really nice guy and all, I just can't stand that goofy looking mop hanging out of the back of his helmet. At least braid it to look cooler... like Troy Westwood... :roll: must be a Troy thing?... :lol:

Sorry I had to Edit this to add in this... :rockin: for you long haired lovers.

I don't care about the hair except that I would make him tuck it in or something becaues I've seen lots of people use it to tackle him.

I also thought it was funny that there were a couple of long haired girls on the other team too. lol

Oh I know, There are long haired girlmans EVERYWHERE! lol

:rockin: <-- New universal "Smilies" for long haired girlmans

I still can't stand long haired guys... I know it is "cool/hip" but its just not for me...

ANYWAAAY... All kidding a side... Ed Reed is still better! lol

I remember watching this one on a Thursday night a couple of months ago:


(click on "watch in high quality")

my my mr. gbonds you sure seem to get upset easily.prhaps you should save your animosity for the ti-cat opponents in 2009.the only point i wished to make was that my man was going to the super bowl and yours was'nt.for the record iam not crazy about the long haired football players either.i am a steeler fan but more so a ti-cat fan for the last 59 years.

I’d rather watch highlights of Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum, but that’s just me. :wink:

Not once did I get upset, just annoyed once that you couldn't be bothered to correctly spell my name when calling me out...

I also went on in a later post to joke around with the forum regulars about Polamalu's INT, and how I knew you and maybe a couple others would come back to this thread and bug me about it.

Yes, the Steelers are on their way to a superbowl and the Ravens are done, that still doesn't make Polamalu better than Reed. Ed Reed has clearly had the better NFL and NCAA career achievements.

Now as for calling Polamalu a long haired girl of a safety I hope everyone realized it was all in good fun and was never meant as a serious thought. In actual fact I laughed when I made it up and then went on to designate the topic with its own "smilies" eg. :rockin: <-- kinda looks like Polamalu after his INT...

Anyway this thread can die down now considering it was pretty much extremely off topic to begin with.