if you think Hugh Charles' job is safe, you are naive.

Charles better be looking over his shoulder! despite the fact that Reed says nothing will change. I call BS.

everyone knows that Charles hasn't exactly been the most consistent runner out there. The Esks saw an opportunity to grab one of the best RB's out in the league today and it's not just to solidify their running core, it's to replace Charles.

if you honestly think that's all they're doing, wake up and smell the grass on the field!

Well, cflisthebest, I totally agree with you.

Except for the fact that it's "corps" and not "core" :lol:

No Lead is Safe…


No Job is Safe.

Offensively, Edmonton has the lowest average rush and total yards per game below Winnipeg. So obviously, improvements are needed.

No RB in the league should ever feel that their job is safe, especially if they're an import. American RB's are the absolute easiest position to find replacements for.

Second easiest. American KR is the easiest replacement to find.

Certainly things will change for Charles but he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the control offense of the Esks. He has actually being over used in many games carry the load at running and receiving. The Eskimos will now be able to add a power package for Boyd while Charles will now be able to work towards his strenghts as a slasher and receiver out of the backfield. A 4th qtr lead may be much safer for the ESKS as they now know that they can use Charles a lot during the game in a multiple of ways and still have a strong power back fresh for the 4th qtr to grind out the clock going against a tired Defensive line. Montreals front 7 better be ready. Fred Stamps will be unhappy even more now. The two back system has worked before with the right combo of backs and right attitude of them and these two backs are perfect compliments of each other so unless there is a locker room problem this should work out. They may have the worst passing QB in the CFL but they now have two of the top RB with some great ability and stregths in different areas.
Kavis reed is just the perfect coach needed to pull this type of thing off Boyd could not have asked for a better situation.