if you think about it, Calvillo should retire

this guy has had a great career, his season was pretty good at 40 (not his best) the Alouettes need to look to the future now. not in 2014.

if they do not make some changes they will end up a lot like the 1977 Saskatchewan Roughriders...

just remember Lancaster when he FINALLY retired in 1976 and the Riders sucked for 11 straight seasons.

I am pretty sure the Alouettes do not want this.

Or you can look at BC, who stayed with Dickenson until he physically couldn't play anymore but only needed a couple of years to find Lulay and win a Grey Cup.

No team transitions to a new QB unless the current QB gives them no choice (either through retirement, injury, or consistently poor play). Calvillo fals into none of those categories. Yes, he played a bad game against Toronto, but Popp isn't going to rush to jettison Anthony because of one bad game, particularly when the whole team (players and coaches) took turns messing the bed against the Argos.

He probably should, but not because he can't still play and wouldn't be a welcome addition to a couple of teams for a season or two, but for the sake of the Als franchise and it's QB depth. Those guys need to play.

I must be the only one who's honestly not concerned about Adrian Mcpherson potentially leaving. If I had to make a choice between who I wanted to lead the Als next year, I would pick Calvillo without any hesitation! Calvillo gives the Als the best shot at winning a Grey Cup, and you go with the best.

If Mcpherson leaves, then so be it. The Als and Jim Popp will simply find another quarterback. It's not like Mcpherson is the only option for Montreal at QB. A lot of people make it seem like, if the Als go with any QB that isn't Mcpherson, Montreal will be a losing team for years to come. That's just silly, and complete nonsense! Mcpherson is not the be-all-end-all solution; he's just one QB that has shown promise in his time.

I am 95% sure that Calvillo will play in 2013, and rightfully so.

No doubt he's the best they have, and he should play if he wants to play and is healthy, but at some point they need to transition to a new starter. Are they going to wait until Calvillo is injured and can't play? I just don't know what more Calvillo has to prove. Does he honestly still have the fire in his belly? Only he can answer that. If his honest answer is no then he should retire.

The problem the Als have is that every year for the last couple of years they've said "McPherson is going to get more playing time" at the start of the year, to get ready for when the transition comes.

And every year, they don't do it. Sooner or later Calvillo is either going to retire or hit the cliff in terms of performance. They should be doing a better job of preparing for it.

I tend to think it's going to be sooner rather than later, as time inevitably does its thing and the Als aren't the team they once were.

Please find me an example of a CFL team that kicked its starter to the curb or reduced his playing time when said starter was posting 5000-yard seasons, breaking records, and generally executing at a high level. You can't.

When Anthony retires, we'll worry about his replacement. Not before then.

Hamilton and Winnipeg but punted Glenn who's put up some great numbers, not Calvillo like but you got to smile when you see Glenn win playoff game for the second consecutive year while the Ticats could not even make the post season with Burris.

Find me an example of a team that has a guy they know is going to retire at some point in the not too distant future and regularly has their division locked up with multiple weeks left in the season. Plus, one that keeps saying they're going to get their backup more playing time.

Montreal is hardly a typical team.

Who cares whether we're typical? Point is, no other team does or has done what you're proposing, except for the teams like Hamilton and Winnipeg that clearly made a mistake in dumping Glenn. If anything, our atypicality is precisely why we should throw out silly formulas proposed by fans of other teams whose GMs would love to be in a position where they don't have an equally silly QB controversy year after year.

As for giving the backup more time, again, irrelevant. When you have a starter who is consistently among the top QBs in the league every year, you ride that starter until his play clearly and consistently falls off, injuries pile up, or he retires. What's the incentive to start over with McPherson before we have to, especially when there is a good chance we'll be looking for another DC for a third consecutive year?

The logic is hilarious. "Okay, guys, you'll be screwed in the future, but we don't know when that future may be, because the starter you should be phasing out for reasons known only to me is still on top of his game. However, bad things could happen, at any time, so rather than address team needs in a sensible, appropriate way, make changes prematurely and replace him with someone who has proven nothing so you can ... uh ... get a head start on losing? And by the way, no guarantee that playing the backup earlier will smooth the transition to the post-Calvillo era. Just do it, because by God, there is only one possible way to survive the loss of your veteran starting quarterback, ONE possible way in all possible worlds."


Saskatchewan in the late 70's before Lancaster retired, didn't have the balls to groom another QB to replace him. Ronnie was an $#$hole and when he finally retired they had nobody.

they should have told him "you're done. you aren't the starting QB in Saskatchewan anymore"

but of course they did not...

see 1977-1987.

I am 100% positive that Anthony will return for at least 1 more year; Jim Popp will find a replacement in due time. I don't worry.


If I was Anthony Calvillo it rock it until the wheels fall off.

Kerry Joseph, Saskatchewan 2007. Joseph was the reigning MOP as well as the reigning Grey Cup QB. Calvillo is the reigning....runner up in passing yardage.


Jesus whats with everyones obsession about Calvillo. Do you guys find him sexy or something? Seriously if Bratton makes that catch the questions would never of been asked!! Its also funny that these threads are being started by fans of different teams. Dont you have other things to worry about?

I agree. I just get the feeling that Trestman does not think that McPherson is the man for the job and he will go elswhere most likely Edmonton as It does not appear the Kavis Reed feels Matt Nichols is the man for the job. Reed likes Josphs stlye of play which is the same as mcpherson,s
That leaves Montreal with finding a replacement for Calivillo. Right now their options are Neiswander a DII QB who is in his 2nd yr with the Als and his first year on the roster at #3. Stephan Garcia spent the season on the IR was great his Soph and JR years at Sooth Carolina but was kicked off the team during the middle of his sr year. Finally there is Kyle Quinlan who will be in his second TC and playing in the CIS he already has a grip on the Canadian game and MacMaster runs a pro stlye offense. I think that helps a lot for Canadian QBs from the OUA is that more teams are playing a pro stlyle passing offense and are no longer just grinding it out with a big power back. Quinlan may be a lot more prepared than most people think.
We will see what happens in training camp. I can see both Garcia and Quinlan pass Neiwswander on the depth chart possibliy

Sooo.. what you 2 are saying is... the Cats would have made the playoffs if Glenn was our QB???

:roll: :roll:

Burris was not the reason the Cats missed the playoffs, and he was brought in because of his framiliarity with GC...

If the Al's Oline remains strong then Calvillo will stick it out another year.

McPherson has got to be tired of being a backup. If I was him I'd get jump ship to Edmonchuk or Winterpig. He will retire never having played which is a pay cheque I guess but not playing means not being mentioned in the CFL record books and fading away. Not much of a career.

The alouettes conceded more points this season, than they scored despite their 11-7 record. This is not the team they were before and have a window of opportunity that is closing. Much like my lions, might as well do your damnest to make the most of it. Calvillo is still a very good QB and the alouettes are still a good team, he gives them the best shot.

Pro sports are cyclical. The odds are the alouettes wont have a QB of Calvillo's caliber under centre for a long while anyways, so why not take full advantage of one of the greatest QB's to ever play?