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17 for 23 is crap???

2 drops?

I'm not a big fan of "small ball" either, but that was what the plays were.

So, before you come on here calling everyone loser lovers and whatever else in the multitude of threads where you bash Maas, know at least a little bit about what you are talking about.

Plus, I guess for the time being, Coach Taafe is a loser lover as well???

It is not a matter of likeing Maas or not. Some fans think as I do that he is hurt and cannot do the job. I for one don't dislike him I think he is doing the best that he can.

Hendy if fans like you ever directed your passion correctly, this team wouldn't be mired in this losing skid as long as it has been. We don't need feel gooders and cheerleaders. If you and others want to turn this board into a cheerleading section and then try and intimidate those who vehemently disagree with your don worry be happy attitude, you can go somewhere else too.

Uh huh. You keep it up, if you can. :wink:

I appreciate what you tried to do Tom, but you should have seen this one coming a mile away. There is NO SUCH THING as a positive/supportive thread on this site.

I won’t sign my real name because I don’t want any of these wackos to know what it is :wink:

I support every player on this team including Jason Maas. I also fully support Coach Taaffe’s right to make the decision on who plays where and when. He’s probably forgotten more about football than most of us will ever know.

To weed out the clowns.
Hi- just an honest question. Is there a reason that you phrase things in such an aggressive manner?

Hey, disagreement is the spice of life. I don't believe that we all have to be 'wusses' either as there are some important things that I'll really go to bat for.

It's just that this is a game- one many of us feel about intently but it's just a game.

I'm always interested in knowing if those who post aggressively also treat their posts as if they were a game - meaning nothing - or if they are sitting at their keyboards almost in a rage... as some people commented upon their feelings during a game.

It would help those of us who are a little more sedate in their phrasing to know if we're simply having a discussion with someone who is taking a pose for fun or is we are really attempting to communicate with someone who's really worked up.


An admittedly occasionally confused man who is getting older and who sometimes doesn't quite understand the cyber-conventions of other.



And what's all this reverence for Charlie Taafe? He waited too long to pull Maas. He didn't make not even close to the right call there.

I had deleted that, but not before Oui Oui jumped on it. My bad.

No reverence, I'm just willing to allow him to do what he gets paid to do. Do I think he should have put in Chang earlier?? Sure, but he didn't and I'm not going to hang him for it.

Well Said & I agree 100% Boreham girl....Lets just see what happens next week, the negativity on this sight after one game is killing me. How about we don`t base our judgments purely on one game. I remember preseason play when everyone thought this team was amazing and that it would blow teams out of the water. The West is Strong (as usual) lets see what we can do against the East

Vince Lombardi
From the Wizard himself ...

This speaks VOLUMES !!

Marshall Mathers.


I thought vince lombardi was an artist.

WACKO! New pet name for fanatic supporters of the Hamilton Tiger Cats?

Where can I buy a Tshirt?

...without my real name on it, of course.

***notice no Ticat receivers signed this petition. (They couldn't move toward their computers to log on...too covered in thick, heavy cobwebs from not being thrown to in game action).

I'm trademarking it. :wink:

It a Shame people did not see my Effort to get off the Negativity and Be Supporting of our players Including Jason who needs our Support the most.

Charlie System is Complexed and not easy to learn
The Negativity has to stop somewhere.
What if Timmy gets the Job and Falls on Face.
Then you'll be calling for Charlie head on a Plate
None of you are ever happy.
So Complain away

please Lock this..Thread ASAP

If Jason Maas IS injured- then He should be placed on the Injury list. sit him down until he has healed. After seeing all the personnel who where shipped out,Coaches and players. to see Another QB performance like last season, Makes one wonder if it was Maas all along?? It looks as if at best Maas is a better backup, or at worst he will be cut, and the TiCats will get nothing in return for a #1 qb on the depth chart, and the 5 year plan will start over in 2007, IMHO- platoon Chang and Williams develop the future NOW, Give Maas enough playing time to rebuild his trade value, then get what they can for him - (How do i change my user name??) :oops: -- AND- Walker could be a keeper :thup:

Sure there's all kinds of praise for Charlie Taaffe, like he knows whats best and the rest of us scrubs should act in complete deference to his authority. I don't buy it. Charlie Taafe needs to show some stones and stop molly coddling players because of who they are.

Don't worry be happy. Great. Just freakin great. Well I'm ESTATIC! We just got pummelled by a team light years ahead of us and nobody's angry about that. That's the problem around here. All these cheerleader that are just happy come here and schmooze. Well, I'm not, ok? I need to win. I got no time for niceties. This is not ballet. This is professional football and it should be played by angry men. Not nice guys. Yes lock this thread. She isn't getting no agreement from me so lock it.

I'm a big fan of Jason's, and of Timmy's and of Richie's for that matter. But mostly I'm a fan of Charlie's.

If you think you are disappointed in Saturday's result you should consider our coaching staff's reaction!

Just remember - Charlie has not assembled winning teams wherever he has gone in his career by being complacent when his teams lose.

So, while I'm in the camp that says these forums are for debating all aspects of Tiger-Cats football, keep your posts positive. One loss to a very good team is no reason to panic.

I have every confidence that whoever Charlie starts on Saturday against the Argo's will have a lot more success.

cheers, Bob.