If you Support Jason Mass Sign your Real name here

If don't like mass please don't post here..
This is for Maas Supporters only

To Jason Maas We the Fans of The Ticats
Believe you will be back better then ever This season.
Don't Worry about Non Believers who post here.
Keep Trying to get better in Charlie's system
Take the Time to get use to it
Look what it did for AC in Montreal.
We trust in Taaffe and Maas

Please Reply and Sign your name Below if you Believe in Jason Mass

T Riddell box j 4-24

what i dont understand is how jason maas was the truth last season...and after one game this seaon everyone hates him...

I think he will come around ( eventhough timmy is on a personal note with me )

I hate to see what they will do to JoJo when he has a bad game

Don't worry about Jo Jo if he has a QB to get him the ball Maas or Chang he will do just fine. You of all people know what he can do when the ball is in his hands. :slight_smile:

I cant wait til he gets that chance...I hear Maas wasnt a 100% that game so they will give him some time to heal...

elvis pressley

you can't even spell your own name right.

Slim Pickins...

I support Jason,but,I'm just as concerned as he is.

Vince Lombardi

Sideline Bench Sr.

Clip Board Jr.

Wow... not an overwhelming show of support.

I'm in the 'next game tells the tale' camp. My 'support' for him as first string QB is there but is extremely conditional.

All this talk of continuing injury is quite worrysome.

I support MAAS 100 %....as our backup QB!

cmw1612 wrote:...." hate to see what they will do to JoJo when he has a bad game"

Bad game???? How about a bad season and a still another bad game in the new season. Thats the problem we are dealing with here. Unlike Maas, Jo Jo won't be around long if he has another bad game.
This is meant to be a positive thread so I will note that Maas tries hard.

I dont really know what you mean but whatever your trying to say, chill out. and if you did read my positive comments on maas then you would know whats the deal.

so again what are you trying to say..

No Maas? Go Maas! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Who put Hawaiian Punch in my bottle? :wink:

I fully support Jason Maas.
And I would be more than happy to drive him..to the airport, right after the next game, that he will no dought be starting in.


Thank you for providing this thread. It gives me an idea on who the real jokers are around here. Not even Bob would sign his real name to it. Loser lovers.

I think Maas will bounce back (hopefully sooner rather than later). Didn't see much of game but from what I've heard it wasn't pretty. I figure next 2 games will be a good indicator of his fate.

Bare in mind, Maas was up against the "2007 Grey Cup Champions" and in your first game of the season with a brand new group of players VS. a veteran laden team, nobody will look good. At least with the Argos it should be a little bit easier (I hope).

It could always be worse! Right now, I'd rather be a ticat fan 0-1-0 than a MTL fan 0-1-0 :wink:

M. De Rubeis

So. He couldn’t cut it. I mean, it was a blow out. It was embarrasing. Look if that’s your best against the best we’re in deep doo doo.

I support Jason Maas.

I support Timmy Chang.

I support Richie Williams.

I support Charlie Taaffe's judgement.

I support the notion that Chang Time begins at the start of the third quarter of the home opener at the latest.

If Jason proves my guess wrong, more power to him.

If we weren't "loser lovers" we wouldn't have been on this board since its inception. Why the hell are you here then?

Good point Oui Oui. Sometimes I honestly don't know why I'm here. I hate losing as much as garlic. You tell me why? I guess I do have an iota of faith somewhere deep down.