If you never run the ball, you deserve to get sacked!

That is all.

Walker never gets yards, so they don't run the ball.
If he gained 5 or more a carry, they'd run it more. But he gets 1 yard. So they don't.

I agree 100000% percent. You cannot be successful in any league if you pass the ball every play! Running the ball keeps the defence honest, and helps open up the passing game. Walker is not an every down running back! He is an outside runner/ change of pace back. Honestly bring in Cobourne again, at least this guy can get us 4-5 yards a carry and can block better than Walker and Gable combined.

This team didn't gain any kind of traction last season until they started Cobourne. It's the difference of having a blocking back who can grind for yards and pound it through the middle.
Walker doesn't block and always looks to bounce to the outside. He is afraid of contact.
You can't put pads on a track star and think he'll be good at football. If that were the case, donovan bailey woulda made one hell of a running back.

The cats are making the same mistake this year as they made last year and are getting the same results.

I bet you if Cortez was still here we would have AVon with a balanced attack ?! :roll:

Cortez is not head coach material (at least not yet) but man is he an offensive guru! I hope they are shopping for running backs as of the plane ride home tonight.

I'm not one to look backwards,but,I'm starting to think getting Cobourne here wouldn't be a bad thing...The problem is that he's not a long term proposition anymore...

This scouting department needs to find someone "Cobourne-esque" who is going to be here for a while...

Cory Boyd is available.
Too bad they didn't make a play for Messam when he was available.
Who else could they get, as we know they won't admit the mistake and bring back Avon?

Walker does not have the attributes to be a conventional tailback and should be utilized as a SB, not in the backfield.
His breakaway speed is too good to pass up, but is hurting the team in an off-suited position.

and Gable seems far too hesitant and indecisive, (similar to Deandra Cobb) although has little experience/touches thus far in his career to formally declare a bust.
Further play may be warranted to ascertain his full potential, however an experienced back is needed asap.

If Cobourne is not inclined, perhaps we could lure another experienced back (i.e. Boyd, Mallet, Reid, Riggs etc etc) as there must be someone who can step in immediately and provide at least a decent showing or better than what the Cats have currently.

Heck Big BOB cut the cheque for MR AUstin and get Boyd and AVon and Release Chevy Walker :cowboy: :thdn:

I din't watch much of this game but as far as I'm concered this loss was Kent Austins fault. The running game is PATHETIC Walker and Gable are not the answer at all. We will not win aganist anyone without some sort of running game and the players we have now aren't cutting it and Kent austin needs to do something about it.

We need a rules that make the clock stoppages the same each quarter because some coaches are not smart enough to realize the extra time you get when you have the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarters. This to me is pathetic. I don't buy the argument when you are down you take the wind in the 3rd quarter. To me this just mean you will ultimately lose in the 4th.

we dont have a good running game and the coaches know it so why bother running. So as a defense against the offense i rush 4 ears pinned back and drop others in coverage 37-0 easy win thank u

Anyone remember D. Cobb? The first season he was outstanding, why?, because he hit the line as the holes opened up. Then he started bouncing along the line looking for an opening, (basically running sideways) and got caught every time. Notice what is happening with Walker? He is starting to bounce along as well. Cobb was let go as his performance went down hill fast, if Walker doesn't change his strategy and hit the holes, well, guess what. He is an open field runner, that's where his strength is. Condell has to find some way to do this, Walker has to buy in, or let him go and get someone who can. If we can't get the running game in gear soon, we face a major uphill battle.

Tough to blame running backs when we run 4 or 5 times a game.

Avon can't gain significant yards running as infrequently as we do.

But that is the Kent Austin/Tommy Condell offence...and we knew what we were getting in advance.

Going in, Hamilton had the league's worst rushing attack, and Saskatchewan had the league's best run defence.

Not surprising the offensive game plan going in was to pass and not try to run much.

Two words for ya : Corey Boyd but Bob will have to spend now to run now !

Actually Winnipeg had the best run defense going into this week, Saskatchewan was 2nd, but your point still stands

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/pdf/en/stats/2013/League_Statistics_W3_2013071100.pdf]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/league/pdf/en ... 071100.pdf[/url]
Not surprising the offensive game plan going in was to pass and not try to run much.
Weird thing is, Hamilton had the 2nd most yards passing and Saskatchewan had the worst pass defense in terms of yardage.

We don't bother running the ball much because the guys we have can only get a yard per carry, so all we do is pass. Solution, find someone who can run.