If you missed it........here's Bob's CHML interview

from this morning....

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Here is Recap of what was said

Basically a about Self Printing Books.
Lulu can now make you a book Author by sending
what ever in to Lulu.com
Photos for photo book
that new Romance book you Been Writing.

If want make a Book you can now.
Apple Owners have been able to do this for years.
not real big news..

Then briefly talks about The team.
said The Team should have a Coach by Christmas.
That Tickets went up modestly
Winning Football Teams Are not Cheep...
(where have heard that before)

Here is the Ticats Records for past 4 seasons.

1-17-0 2003 The low point in Ticat History.

9-8-1 2004 are best year of past The 4
Bob 1st year as Caretaker.

5-13-0 2005 we Slip badly

4-14-0 2006 Bobs worst year of past 3

19 Wins 52 Losses and 1 Tie..counting 2003 Season.
Our Record is still bad with out 2003 season
at 18-35 and 1


Huh?? … what were YOU listening to?

He never said such a thing.

Apparently losing teams are cheap seeing how Edmonton and the Ticats have the lowest average season ticket price.

love your comments whoknows

Thanks I missed the Not ..
It's been fixed..


Nice One

So i guess some of the people on here can get away with comments like that ???