If you look at the first 4 games.

Let's look at the first four games shall we?

Let's look at the ugly first.
Undisciplined penalities that appear to be mostly due to the lack of focus and self control. These penalties have definitely contributed to the present record on the season.

The bad; certain players are not making crucial catches when the ball is delivered to them on a plate. That being said the balls are not always being delivered on their plate. Timing is off with out "O" line and with the exception of Goss the defensive secondary needs to tighten up and play Ticat defense.

The good; Since the first regular season game this team has shown constant improvement. The last two games have been close and very well could have resulted in wins if it was not for the above mentioned. The team is working hard to fine tune and make those adjustments that will give us the first of many wins on Friday against Calgary.

The bottom line is that the gelling time is over, it's time to see this team solidifying. I feel they are going to play a good game and come out with a close win.

So there ya have it "the good, the bad and the ugly"

To the Ticats who may read this...your time is now guys, focus and get it done!