If you have to pick 2

This is one of the best groups of receivers I've seen at camp in a while. They all bring something a little different to the offense and they all had good / great games last night. I hope we can find a way to keep all 4 of these guys but I'm pretty sure that isn't possible...

I think somehow we'll end up keeping three of them.

Grant and Williams.

Williams seemed to have a knack for getting open last night, and reports out of camp have these two guys impressing people. Last night showed why.

I hope you're right. And the fourth on PR.

Grant and Marquay

Grant showed he was a playmaker, so keep him and Marquay despite drops last year got a touch down and had some decent yardage.

They keep 3

Chris Williams player Reserve

Aaron Kelly Practice roster

Bakari Grant Main Roster

Marquay CUT !! He dropped too many Ball in the past few years.

I can't see Kelly not starting, the guy has been in the starting lineup since the first day of camp and he's only continued to impress the staff since then. I love the catches by Grant, but those alone won't allow him to surpass Kelly.

A very interesting htread. Lots of varying opinion. :thup:

You can't beat depth!

I Felt the same way Jordon but Bakari Grant had a Monster Game

I have to think Williams will be kept here because of what he can do on special teams and on offence.

Grant caught only two passes in the second preseason game, though both belonged on the highlight reel. But in the first preseason game, I understand he wasn't as impressive, as he dropped one he should have caught then.

Kelly is 6'5" and Grant is 6'4", though I understand Grant is faster. If they want taller receivers, then that's another reason McDaniel may not be here a lot longer.

Those who decide who to keep and who to cut have to take everything they have seen in practices and games into account. It's going to be a tough call, and I'm glad I'm not one of those who have to make it.

If you use dropped balls as the criteria then Maurice Mann is the odd man out .It seemed that last year he dropped as many as he caught. For some reason he seems to be getting a free pass in this debate and I don't understand why but then again I'm no doctor . :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I also remember AB3 dropping a few too, although maybe not quite as many. But for some reason, ever since his first game with the Ticats, he has never seemed to be able to catch a Porter pass. I don't get that.

Pat, if you were at the game Wednesday night, how did our two lines look?

Because of Athletic Abillty they(AB3 & M0-Mann) can make Catches McDaniel I don't think can.

Mann didn't have a great season last year but the team moved him inside and he has had a great camp. I think he will do big things this year.

The two guys I picked to keep were Grant and Williams, but I could see it going any way. They all have there own advantages and its going to be a real hard decision.

Yeah, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that Bruce, Stala and Mann are all locks.

I’m with you CaptK on Stala but I wouldn’t bet the farm on the other two. To explain my reasoning, I’ll copy from another thread:

Re: Who would you cut?
by ottawacat » 24 Jun, 2011 - 00:41
In the 2010 Semi-Final, the dressed Import backs and receivers were Cobb, Thigpen, Mann, McDaniel and Bruce.
Cobb will, of course, be replaced by Cobourne.

Now, they want to get T. Grant in as Cobourne’s back-up, C. Williams in as a returner and so he also becomes a back-up receiver, and one of the two tall boys (Kelly or B. Grant).

For each of those three additions, something’s (somebody’s) gotta give! Thiggy’s gonna be in for sure, isn’t he? I’d guess that T. Grant wouldn’t be dressed, but would be on Reserve, and then for either of the other two moves to happen McDaniel, Mann or Bruce would be out.

I’m sure dollars, age and versatility are being considered by the decision makers and I wouldn’t be shocked to see something go down involving any one, or even two, of those three starters.

You're thinking too much.

The chances of Bruce and Mann getting cut are about as likely as the San Antonio Spurs winning the World Series. That's to say, impossible.

I don't think hes suggesting they would get cut, but saying if you could get a good defensive player for either of those guys in a trade it might be something to look at.