If you have the worst record What do you do?

Simply answered, anything you want. When your record is this bad you have nothing to lose so you pull out all the stops and reack havoc on other teams. You DON'T play conservative and worry about mistakes. You put it all on the table and try things never tried before, after all what do you have to lose? Come on guys, 100% for ALL 4 quarters.When I play hockey and we're down I don't play conservative. I play to win, at ALL costs.Never say die!

i clean house
-have aggressive play calling, more shotgun and 6 receiver packages, more deep passes, go for it on third down.

on defense, i blitz more often, cuase havoc, send people, hit the qb( within the rules),

special teams - more fakes on punts/field goals.

  • I say the team should wear white at home, since they are so used to throwing in the white towel, it would be much more appropriate to wear white at home instead of black.
8) Unfortunatly this team doesn't know how to give 100% for even 5 minutes of a quarter !!! You say "Never Say Die" !!! This team has already died and been buried !!! " R I P "

stop throwing the 3 yard passes.
put in back up qbs
start back ups and third sting players
dont let your offence get shut out at home

Hire a "permanent Head Coach" or give that job to Ronnie. However...informing the world that Ronnie is the "interim" coach has evidently allowed the players to coast for the remainder of the season.

Bring back Montford. Yes...he may be old and possibly washed up but he had heart. And that's something clearly missing from this team...a player who will lead by example..be fired up...and more inmportantly..take charge in the locker room.

Lastly, sit out Maas until he's actually healthy. Both physically AND mentally. Alot of people have stressed how well Williams played compared to Eakin. Well..if that's the case...go with him. Maybe he's another Rocky Butler just waiting for his chance. And we've all seen how well Butler has played.

Be very carefull, we've had bad years in the past and gave up on Anthony Calvillo and Damon Allen, hmmmm, they can't play can they...

i think bob should change the logo , change the colour of the helmet, add a gold sweater, white pants, changes in the front office, whoops done that already oh well

time to think about the product on the field, loooks like the marketing campaign has worked ... oops, did somebody say we actually have to play the games?