If you hated all the penalty flags last season...

I got back from the Argonauts Blue/White scrimmage a little while ago.
It was officiated by CFL referees who were there to "guide" the players about the new rules for this season.

From what I saw, the new "no contact past five yards" rule is going to take a lot of adaptation by the players.

I expect a sea of orange again this season.


so we live with it and be patient.

As long as they don't keep changing the rules, it will get better.

I like you have a lot of friends and business associates who last year stopped going to games or stopped buying
Tickets - I would think the number across the Cfl would number into the thousands of single game tickets - the jury is out - to get all these fans back - the BOG has to take charge here what is to be called and what is not to be called - over the last 25 years the NFL has averaged about 12 penalties per game per year - - they have a strict enforcement of what adds to,the game and what takes away from the game - they also know a penalty can be called on every play - they have fine tuned what they want called and what is an inconsequential foul so,do not call . Hopefully this year we have a banner year of football and not flags .

I agree, however a friend of mine was at the scrimmage and was impressed on the number of fans in attendance.