If You Had To Re-Name The 'Cats...

Hamilton Pilots (because of the museum) or something similar to, or at least similar artwork of, the Canton Legends
(IMO one of the best logos/themes in sport.)

If you’re going with a pilot theme, I think it would be hard to top these guys:


Best helmet art ever.

Yeah that's a good concept. It would've been cool if Hamilton came up with the Bengal helmet before Cincinnati did. I really like that one.

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

I like where you’re going with that but lets cut out the “light” part. We’ll leave that for the boys out West. LOL

If you want to p off the NFL… I think a better name would be the Steelers.

Hamilton Steelers… has a nice ring to it… and it’s relevant! lol.


Sorry, you can’t use the word Royal…

How about Hamilton Legions and our logo's a poppy :smiley: