If You Had To Re-Name The 'Cats...

I'm bored, lets play a game...

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats HAVE to change their name. Turns out the Name "Tiger-Cats" actually belongs to a group of Girl Scouts from Arizona. They feel that our losing ways is shedding a bad light on their group and what they stand for. They went to court had we lost (The Ticats lost?!?).

You win a contest and are allowed to re-name the team.

What do you name the team? Why?

I would name the team the Hamilton Legionaires.

I think the name sounds cool and I think naming the team in honor of Veterans, etc... is more meaningful than some caroonish Animal nickname. Also, because the freaking love the CF 18's that flew over head when I went to home openers and Labour Day games!

The Cameron Baby Beasts.

hamilton roughriders

The Wildcats or Tigers. Go the traditional route.

Yep I agree but I like Wildcats Better ..

Hamilton Hard Hats?

The Eskimos... no wait, that's already taken. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: I'd say the Hamilton Hornets or Harriers, after the fighter jets those names represent.

COLTS--- Just to P off the NFL

Wildcats would get my vote.

The Balsam Avenue Bengals!

And then we could play in a place called "the bunker!"

Wait a minute... I think I've heard that before.


CFLers :wink:

The Hamilton Cat-Tigers

I knew somebody would say it....you beat me to it.

I like the Colts idea! hahaha.

The Flaming Envelopes.

The Contaminated Fish.

The Maple Leafs.

If you want to do that, Then I would go with the Steelers. Same colors, same Industry in the city. Don't know how the Colts would be relevant to Hamilton.

OK Colts to P off the NFL- Second choice- Hamilton Racoons

Naming the team Colts has to do with cfl history.. and what lengths the nfl went to to squish cfl u.s expansion. the fact they had NFL icons like Johny Unitas at the Opening ceremony must of had the nfl brass steaming !! :lol:" On the marketing side of things Baltimore took advantage of the anti-NFL sentiment in Baltimore after the Colts had moved to Indianapolis in March 1984 naming the team the Baltimore CFL Colts. The NFL fought the naming of the team and ultimately won and the team for 1994 was known as the Baltimore CFLers, in 1995 the club ultimately decided upon the Baltimore Stallions" http://www.geocities.com/cfl_historical ... re-CFL.htm

The Hamilton Bengaliters. Whatever.