If you had to choose - CFL or NFL or other? now a poll!

now with a poll!

ok so you’re on a hypothetical Gilligan cruise and you get stranded on a desert island for a year with a tv and one football-watching channel option - which do you choose CFL or NFL? and why?

(yes i know TSN or whoever broadcasts most of both but for the sake of my absurd scenario, assume you get one option or the other)

also Mary Ann > Ginger

Survivor Football Poll
  • CFL
  • NFL
  • XFL or other hub league
  • NCAA
  • USport or other canadian amateur football

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I'd choose the CFL over NFL because I would support the local team. If we lived in an alternate universe where Canada had 380 million people and America had 39 or so million, I'd support the country that I was born in.

Someone has to make a post about what they would do to the CFL if they were in charge of it now :joy:

don’t tempt me :innocent:

i’m actually on the fence with this question of desert island football TBH. still thinking about it…

also i would be a female version of the professor so i would probably just build a bamboo satellite dish or something to get more channels lol.


I'm thinking we would have to have the professor around to set the whole thing up . Also if I only had one option I'm taking Mary Ann . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


There's only one cast member still alive today (Ginger) so I think all but one of the leagues out there will die off

I'll fully support the CNXUSFL....even the arena version

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yea i guess i should have included XFL too. i should have made it a poll. too late. lol

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I rarely watch NFL games and rarely miss watching CFL games as it is, so CFL would be the easy choice for me.


I just realized that I never did answer the question at hand that being CFL or NFL .

Well after giving it a thought , it's an easy answer really . As I already stated I would have the professor around and we all know that he was one smart dude who could build almost anything (except a raft for some reason) so I'm sure he could jerry rig something or other so I could watch both .

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NCAA college football


At my age now, maybe Mrs Howell? :thinking:


Or Ginger or Mary Ann's mother ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy:

Talk about getting blown off course. This topic should be titled S.S. Minnow.
CFL for me


just one?


but why watch just one...

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Oops, I should have mentioned the choice of CFL...all the time since 1967!!!

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Maryanne. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Also, Bailey a hundred times over Jennifer.

As for football, the NFL currently produces the better on-field product with more exciting games and superior flow. So I'm going to go that way.

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yes NFL for me too i think. and Mary Ann.

We can be babe-buds! Lol

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  1. NFL
  2. Mary Ann
  3. The Professor could have gotten them off the island easily but he liked living on a deserted island with Ginger and Mary Ann and his only “competition” was Skipper and Little Buddy.
  1. CFL
  2. Mary Ann and Ginger

this is the correct set of answers.

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