If you had something you wanted signed??

If you had something you wanted some famous CFL dude to Write on? what would be your list? Mine: no particular order here: (Limit 10)(Please excuse spelling of names)

  1. Doug Flutie
  2. Lui Passaglia
  3. Joe Kapp
  4. Warren moon
  5. Ron Lancaster
  6. Pinball
  7. Geroy Simon
  8. John Candy ( not a player but had the opportunity to see him at a Sask/ Toronto game at Taylor Field)
    9.Danny McManus
    10.Dave Dickenson

I'm not that old yet! but from experience at games and peer talk thats my list! please share yours maybe I can learn something?

Dave Ridgeway Autographed Jersey.

Jeff Bentram Autographed Jersey.

An Official ball signed by Danny Barrett, Roy Shivers, Kent Austin and Eric Tillman. With a silver marker.

Warren moon - autographed Jersey (best QB ever to play in the CFL)

George Reed - autographed Cleats (best RB ever)

Don Narcisse/Kent Austin Autographed ball

And finally

An Autographed Bobby Jurisan Helmet with a big blue streack where he went helmet to helmet with a bomber at labour day

Simple, the greatest player in CFL history.

The Mississippi Gambler
Old Spaghetti Legs
Jackie Parker

Ball signed by ..

Roy Dewalt
Lui Passaglia
Merv Fernandez
Nick Hebeler
Al Wilson

Oh wait, I already have that :slight_smile:

I wouldn't mind a ball signed by some of the 64' guys.

Joe Kapp
Willie Fleming
Tom Brown
Bill Munsey

Wow I like G2TB's and eskfan's choices, but I'll add my own.

Jackie Parker signed photo (any team).

Warren Moon signed jersey.

George Reed signed cleats.

Ron Lancaster signed football.

Doug Flutie signed helmet (Calgary).

Gizmo Williams signed photo.

Tony Gabriel signed jersey (Ottawa).

Sam Etcheverry signed football.

Bernie Faloney signed helmet (Hamilton).

Dave Fennell signed helmet.

A Jersey signed by Andy Fantuz or Wes Cates. And an official Ball signed by Anthony Calvillo

Football signed by:

Kent Austin
Milson Jones
Jeff Fairholm
Ray Elgaard
Bobby Jurasin
Don Narcisse
Glen Suitor
Roger Aldaag
Bob Poley
Dave Ridgeway

My heros growing up.

You guys Rock! keep em comming!!! maybe I’ll grab an extra famous ink!

Favourites from the Past;
Russ Jackson,
Tony Gabriel,
Angela Mosca,
Terry Evanshen,
Johnny Rodgers.

From today;
Jesse Lumsden,
Mike O'shea,
Adriano Belli.

On an official ball.

Doug Flutie
Allen Pitts
Rob Cote

Rob Murphy autographed picture of him pinning down John Chick

or a picture of the look on Rob murphy's face after the riders beat the lions in the west final?

Luckey SOB's I'm getting to that point in my life were being somewhere special at a specific time! lasts a lifetime! another words there is no tommorrow! Love the posts please share more of what you already have or want! thanks so much!

Ouch! Touché sir.

You'll get yours for that comment come Sept 20th (I hope).

More than likely :smiley: but if this year has proved anything, its that if the lions win....it ain't gonna be easy

More than likely :oops:

But if the Riders have shown me anything this year its that...if someone is gonna beat them, it aignt gonna be easy. Looking forward to that game actually

yup I agree! this year they deserve every thing they win! last year not so much! not pervoking any drive by watermellon fruiting here! just my opinion!

No i agree...also (this might be blasphomus to some people and i might be exiled out of saskatchewan) this year they are showing that it was the team last year and not so much Kent Austin. He did a good job...but i think he got to much credit.

Their i'm gonna take the brunt of the fruitings now....

Don't anger the rider fans ... they tend to do drive-bys with something a lot worse than fruit. Ask Paul McCallum.