if you had a CFL Expantion Team...

If you were granted a CFL Expansion Team
Where would it be Located .
YouR Teams Name Nick Name would be.
what would be your Team Colours .
Who would be your GM
Who would be your Head Coach.
Who would take in an Expansion Draft
(if Teams could not Protect anyone..and there was No Cap)

I put My Team in Quebec City.
La ville du Québec Donnent l' assaut à.
Quebec city Storm.
Black White Sliver Dark Blue and Storm Lite Blue.
GM Mike McCarthy
Head Coach Richie Hall

My Team:
QB Henry Burris CAL
HB Joe Smith BC
FB Julian Radlein HAM
WR Ken-Yon Rambo CAL
WR Paris Jackson BC
SB Geroy Simon BC
SB Dave Stala Mon
RT Dave Mudge Mon
RG Cedric Gagne-Marcoux HAM
C Marwan Hage Ham
LG Rob Murphy BC
LT Dan Goodspeed Win

Defence (4-3)
DE Tom Canada Win
DT Scott Schultz Sask.
DE Cam Wake BC

LOLB JoJuan Armour CAL
MLB Zeke Moreno HAM
ROLB Siddeeq Shabazz Edm

CB Jordan Younger EDM
CB Dante Marsh BC
DH Jason Goss EDM
DH Jykine Bradley HAM
S Tad Crawford BC

Special Teams
K/P Nick Setta Ham.
LS Randy Chevrier CAL
Holder Timmy Chang HAM

Timmy Chang????????????

As a Holder only

whew.....you had me worried there

It Pretty Solid Team
These Players could be Question Marks
Davis Stalla & Tad Crawford

I think They Could Challenge for playoff Spot.

I dont get how you got those players???

Wonderful daydream, but fire your defensive coordinator!!

Putting a stellar cornerback in Younger inside at HB, and a stellar HB in Goss out on the corner?


Tad Crawford at FS? Put down the crack pipe :wink:

Who would take in an Expansion Draft (if Teams could not Protect anyone..and there was No Cap)
This is only his fantasy draft !!! He explains in the above quote the answer to your question !!!!!!

If you had a franchise??? I don't think it would last long.
You would put a team in Quebec City without a stadium, with an English name!!!

Roll on the start of the season when we can't start talking reality and Football again.

i think they should be called Cour De Bois

Cour de bois = court of wood (a good description of the Supreme Court)
Coeur des bois = heart of the woods
Courier des bois = runners of the woods

Good name, though.

PS - I can see the logo being a big C with a little B inside of it. Maybe a red jersey with blue and white trim. :slight_smile:


You have to give Young Kids a Chance to Grow.
Show they Can Start.
Other wise you never Find a Youngers or Printers
The CFL Needs Young Blood every Year to Keep going.

He'll do fine

Beside the Front 8 Should get A Good Pressure
The DB and HB are All vets

Come on People If Any of you think you can do better
Then Step up to the Plate.

If you don't like What I did
Then Show you can do better
So Far no one has even tried to make Team.
The Rules are easy No Cap you take any CFL Player.
You must have 7 Canadians Starting at least.
I have 9

Sorry, Mark...correction required...

Runners of the woods= COUREURS DE BOIS

Expected better from such an erudite researcher...HA!

the logo should be a guy with a beaver hat holding a rifle, kind of like the old rough rider logo

In order:

  1. Vegas. Posse Redux!

  2. Bloated Crooners.

  3. Gold Lame with Black Capes.

  1. Pete Rose, because why gamble on Desjardins when you can REALLY gamble? :wink:

  2. Frank Kush, or the guy who played Commander Pike in Star Trek's "The Menagerie, Parts 1 and 2"

The advantage is that the lights on his front panel are ideal for three-down football... :smiley:

  1. All ex-Bengals with necessary survelliance bracelets and Onterrio Smith (replete with his "Whizzenator"). The QB would be Ryan Leaf, King of the Snake Eyes...
:D :D :D

Carl Lewis would sing the national anthems for every game, ensuring riots in the stands and wild game stampedes. I would have him sing "The Maple Leaf Forever" and have images of igloos flash on the Jumbotron just to confuse the Nevadans about Canada even further.

Yes, IT IS TIME FOR TRAINING CAMP! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oski Wee Wee,

Ok I"ll bite. Excuse the spelling, it's late.

Team would be in Moncton, N.B.
Name: Probably the Hawks, seems to have some history in town
Colors: Sometime like the old Raiders
GM: Me
Head Coach: Greg Marshall
QB: Jason Maas and Ricky Ray
RB: Joffrey Reynolds, Lumsden
Rec's: Calhoun, Clermont, Dominguez, Jeremaine Copeland
OL: 5 real big guys
DL: Belli, Doug Brown, Tom Canada, Tim Cheatwood
LB: John Grace, JoJuan, Zeke, Barrin Simpson
DBs: A bunch the Cats cut over the winter. Anderson, Lofton etc...
K: Deangelis is this the guy the Cats overlooked? Gotta have him. HaHa
P: Duval Seems cocky Gotta have some attitude