If you ever watch the NFL on TSN...

If it is being simulcast on an American network, then watch it on the network it originates from.

This way the ratings for the NFL on TSN will be worse, and they will maybe come up with original programming for that time slot. Maybe they will even de-prioritize the NFL and recognize that Canadians prefer the CFL.

Same goes for golf or anything that TSN is simulcasting.

Always watch it on the original network.

So why even watch it in the first place?


If people are watching the NFL on TSN, it's likely because they want to watch it.....so why would they be looking for TSN to provide alternate programming at that time instead?

Because they can still watch it on another network and just have TSN do something original.

On top of that, if you are a CFL fan you wouldn't want TSN to get good ratings for their NFL simulcasts.

seems to me the NFL will get the ratings regardless of which network you watch

The American network doesn't register ratings for Canada.

I didn't realise I had to be this elementary with my reasoning, so I apologize to have not posted with more clarity in the first place.

You explanition is not the problem, your logic is
The americans dont register it but canadians do!

Now even if you are right and TSN changes to show something else, the NFL fans will still watch on the american networks

The American networks register ratings from viewers in the United States.

All the better if the NFL gets off TSN entirely! The less coverage the NFL gets on TSN the better it is for the CFL.

I don't believe my logic is flawed.
I believe you don't have the intelligence to follow it.

I believe you're not seeing the point he's making.....you're seeking the "boycott" from the wrong people, TIMH.....the people who are watching on TSN are the people who generally want TSN to broadcast the NFL.

AH the classic lose the argument insult the opponent strategy.....

Never works ya know.

I'm not even going to bother with them.

Just here to tell the casual fan who might watch the NFL here and there to not watch on TSN if you have the choice.

I'm reaching for the attainable goal.

Okay, casual fans I can agree with. I assumed (shouldn't assume) you were speaking of solid fans.....my bad.


I would like to see the NFL disappear altogether (at least in Canada), but I’m a realist.

The good news is that younger audiences appreciate the CFL over the NFL(including me), and we are the future!

I can envision a future where BC and Toronto attract 45,000 fans a game!

plus the people that only get TSN and not the origional station the game is on. They dont really have a choice....

When it is simulcast, does TSN show different commercials. IF so, I am surprised they dont get to override the american the way other stations do for other shows.

They do.

This will not work. At least not for people watching on cable. CRTC regulations require that when a program is airing on both a Canadian source and American source, that the US channel will be overridden by the Canadian one. For example, when Global shows NFL football originally broadcast by FOX, tuning to the FOX channel will still show you the Global broadcast, complete with Canadian commercials.

I think it's important to remember how TV ratings are established. They use surveys or sometimes meters on a "sample".

So, if you're not in the sample (which you would know if you are), your tv viewing habits are not recorded.

Of course, this is the trouble with TV ratings...they are nothing more than an estimate!

Don't you think that if TSN had something better to telecast in that time slot they would not do it? Trust me, TSN is not telecasting the NFL for your benefit. It is the best program that is available at that time slot or should I say the program that will bring in the most revenue at that slot. If a co-ed team was fighting in the Amazon and Canadians by the millions wanted to see that, it would be on in the NFL time slot. Money is what it's all about.

It's Monday morning and my brain is coming out of hybernation so I could be wrong.