If you don't like Nealon

The amount of bashing he gets on the radio call in shows here is starting to make me embarrased to be a Rider fan...All he does is win games year after year everywhere he goes (right back to Clemson where he still recently held several records) If you don't support him your not a Rider fan...your probably one of the clowns who ran Kent Austin out of town too go cheer for Calgary I hear their games are much more exciting!

In the famous words of degeneration X (WWF), if you aint down with nealon, i got 2 words for ya, s**k it

All he does is win games? When is the last time you guys won the grey cup???

It always seems that there is no QB who can do good in Saskatchewan. The famous quote on the "Rider Roundtable" ( the call in radio show ) is they always start off by saying, "I am not a Nealon Greene fan, he has to do ___________________ before I will think he can win us games. " He is much more mature as a proficiant QB, he is reading blitzes better, he is looking through all of his checks in the pocket, he is more comfortable in the pocket, and he is thinking pass first - run second. The Riders offence is built around him, and he is showing that he can get the job done in any situation. What more does the guy have to do to impress you people. He was 31 - 39 against Toronto, supposedly the best defense in the league. He is also making some play calls on his own, which shows that the coaches think he can do the job effectivley behind centre. Either these Nealon haters need to put themselves in a game, have their leg broken, have people criticize every sneeze, or they can appreciate the rehab that he went through to compete at the highest level he can, and give that ball club everything he's got every game. He may have to walk on water to do it for some of you haters, but at least respect the man for his determination to the Riders and the Taylor Field faithful. I'm done.

I seem to recall we got closer than Edmonton last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, what does us getting farther in the playoffs last year than the Eskimos have to do with Nealon Greene? If I recall correctly, and I think I do, didn't he get injured nine plays into last year's season, thereby missing the entire year? The whole point of the statement to which you refer is that Nealon wins games - which GoEsksGo refuted - your argument that we beat Edmonton last year in the playoffs is irrelevant to Greene's winning or losing games.

I recall last year in the fan zone forums, ALL Rider fans wanted to get rid of Nealon Greene. And everyone was on the Henry Burris bandwagon. Now this year, everyone is glad that Burris is gone, and now everyone in Saskatchewan loves Nealon...

good ol sask fans-- although most wpg fans fell into that boat with tee martin until he got a chance to play.

I would not say everyone. Nealon Greene is like Preperation H ; give it time and it'll work.

Give it time? Have you been hibernating?

Don’t get your panties in a knot - I was just answering the Grey Cup question and needling GoEsksGo a little. Obviously I realize Nealon wasn’t there last year.

Panties weren't in a knot. I don't automatically assume people don't know anything about football - I was simply making observation.

ryoon, I don't know where you're from or who you cheer for, but to say that ALL fans agree on something in any sport for any team is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. There are always differences in opinion on many aspects of our favourite teams, never mind Saskatchewan fans and their quarterbacks. I remember people arguing over Kent Austin or Tom Burgess, never happy with either one really.

Do you ALWAYS agree with everyone else? Is there ever an everyone else to agree with? No, didn't think so. So don't tell me what I was thinking last year and what I'm thinking now.

I'm thinking that you are upset now :slight_smile:

The nealon controversy reminds me of the austin burgess controversy. People liked Tom better becase of his deep ball, and he took more chances. They thought of Austins as a wimp because of all his 5 yard passes. The reality is that Tom went on to become an average QB, while it will be a shame if KA doesn't go into the Hall of fame. His completion percentage was 2nd to none, and he threw for a lot of yards too. I remember hime throwing for over 400 yards often. Similar to what we have now, but instead of Holmes we had Timmy catching the ball out of the backfield. People may have accused KA of being overly cautious and of padding his stats with the short pass, but never of being poor at reading D's. I think that some people (including other coaches in the league) question Nealon's ability to think on his feet and read a D.

I am the first to admit I was one of those people. But he is making a believer out of me. I enjoy the fact that we almost never go 2 and out, which is common with a QB who throws downfield a lot. Nealon is getting better at reading D's, and running when he doesn't see anything downfield. I guess one could chalk it up to his extra studies in the off season.

I will say one thing about Nealon, he is the most universally popular QB (with his team mates) that we have had in a while. And I think that means a lot. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who has NEVER been in the dressing room, so I could be off base. But I know there has been QB vs. Other-Players tension in the past.

Just my $0.02.


There we go. Such a compelling argument as to why people should support Nealon Greene. I am constantly amazed at the intelligence level of some fans of this league.

As for the statement that all he does is win, I would remind you yet again that he DIDN’T WIN in Toronto or Edmonton. I would have to say that he is having what looks to be his breakout season and that’s great for the Riders and their fans.


.......lol super.......I would have to agree that when quoting someone try to use someone 'actually' famous so the quote has significant meaning....and do steer clear of professional wrestlers, who have often amazing script-writers for their physical choreography but purposely keep the mental aspect of their work to house-cat levels of intelligence.........

CFL chick I do not think JM02 is the one with their panties in a knot. Don’t you have some dishes to wash!

You seem to spend an unusually large amount of time in the Rider area…I would suspect the Green & Yellow bubble is about to burst…sorry you guys hit the top of your game (and schedule) so early.

Not everyone. I still am a Burris fan, but he’s gone. I don’t think Nealon is our guy, and would actually like to see what Crandell could do.