If you could . . .

If you were given one AUTOGRAPHED jersey from every team in the CFL, whose name & number would you get?
The player has to have started a game this year.

[b]BC - Geroy Simon #81
(I know . . . I wanted Cam Wake as much as you did)

EDM - Kabongo !!! #56
(preferably the biggest available jersey with the smallest available numbers)

CGY - Kenyon Rambo #85
(His name is Rambo!)

SSK - Makowsky #60
(I always love watching him play. Always making unexpected hits.)

WPG - Shabazz #20
(Plays hard. Another great last name.)

HAM - Prechae Rodriguez #85
(I was gonna' go with Porter but nah.)

TOR - Joseph #4
(I know, I know . . . Joseph? Oh well . . . I also considered Payton #2)

MTL - Calvillo #13
(Hands down. No competition. Calvillo!)[/b]

Not even a question for me. Some have accused me of having a bias for quarterbacks. Maybe that's true. If I had to choose, I'd take Ricky Ray from Edmonton.

As for the other teams, who the hell knows... Seriously.

Bad Form.
You didn't even try.

I didn't try? Clearly you don't know jack #*$& about me. I'm definitely biased toward quarterbacks. I'm an offensive kind of guy. If I had to choosed between Porter and Cobb in Hamilton, I'd probably go with Porter. As for the Riders, my third favourite team, I'd rather just get a team jersey. So accuse me of bad form again. :wink:

..interesting subject...

BC - SIMON - franchise player, he is not slowing down, just saving himself
Calgary - REYNOLDS - workhorse, team player, awesome attitude
Edmonton - RAY - without a doubt, probably bleeds green with gold flecks
Saskatchewan - DAVIS - rock solid leader, always a threat to beat you
Winnipeg - BROWN - proverbial D-man, size of a small mountain
Hamilton - BRUCE - then I'd sell it back to him, he'd probably pay big bucks for something with his signature on it
Toronto - JOSEPH - can't think of anyone else really
Montreal - CAHOON - consumate receiver and go-to guy everytime, tough as nails

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Hilarious!

B.C.: Simon
Calgary: Burris
Edmonton: Ray
Saskatchewan: Fantuz
Winnipeg: ??? (No one's job is safe enough)
Hamilton: Rodriguez
Toronto: Printers (give it time :lol: )
Montreal: Cahoon

My choices would be:

BC- Geroy Simon

Edmonton- Ricky Ray

Calgary- Henry Burris

Sakatchewan- Wes Cates

Winnipeg- Barrin Simpson

Toronto- Jamal Robertson

Hamilton- Quinton Porter

Montreal- Ben Cahoon

BC - #81 Simon
Calgary - #42 Labinjo
Edmonton - #15 Ray
Saskatchewan - #83 Fantuz
Winnipeg - #82 Edwards
Hamilton - #53 Gagne-Marcoux
Toronto - #64 Picard
Montreal - # 86 Ben Cahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ! (Already have 2 replicas signed !)

BC. . . Korey Banks

Edmonton. . . Jason Goss or Kitwana Jones (tie)

Calgary. . . .Mike Labinjo (or Odell Willis. . . it's getting close)

Saskatchewan. . . Eddie Davis

Winnipeg. . . Sideeq Shabazz

Hamilton. . . Markeith Knowlton

Toronto. . . Lin-J Shell

Montreal. . . AC

It starts off with any player whose last name is Wood. Otherwise its:

BC--Geroy Simon, he's the face of the franchise
Edmonton--Ricky Ray-again, the face of the franchise
Calgary--Joffrey Reynolds, workhorse runningback
Saskatchewan-Weston Dressler, he's going to be a star for years
Winnipeg--Sideeq Shabazz, best player on a bad team
Hamilton--Prechae Rodriguez, big tall receiver
Toronto--Kerry Joseph, been a fan of his Renegade days
Montreal--Calvillo, Future Hall of Famer

Interesting topic:

BC Brent Johnson (old school Mervyn Fernandez)
Edmonton Ricky Ray (old school Warren Moon)
Calgary Reynolds (old school Allen Pitt)
Saskatchewan Fantuz (old school (very tough) Ron Lancaster (between him and George Reed))
Winnipeg Simpson (old school Charles Roberts)
Toronto Moreno (old school Doug Flutie)
Hamilton Cobb (old school Joe Montford)
Montreal Calvillo (old scholl Sam Etcheverry)
Ottawa old school Russ Jackson

TiCats - Hage - a great player and a better person
Als - Chiu - He should get some credit for all those Calvillo-Cahoon completions.
Argos - Belli - Just so I can wash my car with it
Bombers - Thorpe - But I'd put his first name on the back
Stamps - Labinjo - A good young Canadian destined for a long career
Riders - Fantuz - A good young Canadian destined for a long career
Lions - Simon - Last year it would have been Clermont
Eskies - Maas - A real team player and the best backup QB in league history

I thought the same thing about Winnipeg.
As for Printers . . . I don't know.

Perfect! So funny I had to tell you how funny it is: That is funny! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :rockin:

Excellent point. Excellent pick. Linemen need love too.

I am surprised there aren't very many Calvillo's. I expected more.
Also, no kickers. I found this interesting.
Simon seems to have made more lists than anybody else . . . hmmmm 8).
Ricky Ray also receiving picks from most of y'all. :roll:
Glad to see Eddie Davis made up there a couple times.

Ssk: Frazier
BC: Mackenzie or Miles
Edm: Lloyd
Cal: Reynolds
Winn: Simpson
Ham: Barker (got to support the hometown guys, it would have been Peircy but he retired)
Mtl: Richardson

Argos: I was the winning bidder on a signed, Zeke Moreno game worn jersey last week.
It was offered for sale by the Argo's charity foundation. Going to wear it with pride
on Friday as the Argo's win their first home game in over a year.

Esks: Jesse Lumsden
Ti-Cats: Prachae Rodriguez
Als: Cobourne
BB: Oh, they had to have played this year? Never mind. Sorry Milt.
Stamps: Labinjo
BC: Simon
RR: Clermont

BC - 1.Brent Johnson 2. Geroy Simon
Cal - 1. Rambo 2. Burris
Edm - 1. Ray 2. Stamps (love for that guy to be traded to Calgary :wink: )
Sask - 1. Fantuz 2. Cates
Win - 1. Walls 2. Bishop
Ham - 1. Jamal Johnson 2. Rodriguez
Tor - 1. Moreno 2. Payton
Mon - 1.Cahoon 2. Chiu

Hey I like that idea; so in addition to the ones I posted earlier, here's my old school choices

BC Mervyn Fernandez
Edmonton E. A. Sims
Calgary Lovell Coleman
Saskatchewan Ray Purdon
Winnipeg Kenny Ploen (with a nod to my brother)
Hamilton Garney Henley
Toronto Dick Shatto
Montreal Sonny Wade (and Sam the Rifle, and George Dixon, and Dennis Duncan, and so on. . heck I'm an Als' fan)

Edmonton Kamau Peterson Oldschool I allready have a game worn Warren Moon

Calgary Mike Labinjo Oldschool Willie Burden

Sask Eddie Davis Oldschool Ray Ellgaard
BC Barron Myles Oldschool James Quick Parker
Wpg Barron Simpson Oldschool James Wild Wild West
Toronto Willie Pile Oldschool Terry Greer
Hamilton Markeith Knowlton Oldschool Angelo Mosca
Mtl Anthony Calvillo Oldschool Nick Aragki


BC: Geroy Simon
Calgary: Joffrey Reynolds
Edmonton: Ricky Ray
Sask: Andy Fantuz
Winnipeg: Shabazz
Hamilton: Deandra Cobb
Toronto: N/A :smiley:
Montreal: Ben Cahoon

Old school:
BC: Willie Fleming
Calgary: Pete Liske
Edmonton: Gizmo Williams
Saskatchewan: George Reed
Winnipeg: see username :rockin:
Hamilton: Vince Scott
Toronto: Dick Shatto
Montreal: Hal Patterson
Ottawa: Russ Jackson

And just to be annoying:

BC: Printers
Calgary: Armour
Saskatchewan: Burris
Winnipeg: Glenn
Hamilton: Lumsden
Toronto: Bruce

...or Paul McCallum :smiley:

Here's my list:

Montreal: Anthony Calvillo or Ben Cahoon. I'd have to flip a coin
Toronto: Kerry Joseph. Like someone else posted, I can't think of anyone else.
Hamilton: Kevin Glenn
Winnipeg: Barrin Simpson

B.C: Barron Miles
Edmonton: Ricky Ray
Calgary: Mike Labinjo
Saskatchewan: Jason Clermont