If you could pick one free agent…

Devier Posey.

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Ryker Matthews. Our OL was the best it had been in a decade or more with him at LT.
If we could muster:
LT - Ryker Matthews
LG - Brandon Revenberg
C - Mike Filer (coax him out of retirement, why not Breaux's coming out of retirement lol)
RG - Darius Ciraco
RT - Chris Van Zeyl
Maybe keep Mike Gibson on as an offensive assistant and bring in Bob Wylie to coach OL (or preferably Peter Dyakoswki)

I believe our protection problems with Dane are over.

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That’s a great choice too

If Masoli throws the ball 18 inches further outside then Tim White kneeling down is a great call giving us good field position gor the game winning touchdown. I wanted him to run it out ironically because I had little faith Jeremiah would drive us the length of the field into that win. I also was doubtful our kicker would make a fg into that win. So while Tim’s play was one of many that hurt us during the game it didn’t cost us the game. Thst honour lands on second and five and Jeremiah not putting the ball in front of Acklin. Ps. I would have went for it on third and five to win vs playing overtime against the best team in the league. Even though we were 0 for 2 from there I still feel like we could have made one play to win the GC at THF.

Nope. Sorry.

He had at least the 25 yard line. The difference between a TD and a FG is not 10 yards.

We had to go 75 yds into the wind for a TD against a D that didn't give one up all year. (4th quarter TD). There's no world where that is the right decision.

Even if we say we had to get to their 30 yard line it's only 55 yards from the 25.


55 yds and a FG


75 yds and a TD

Why do people only think of the yards on the front end? (The return) and not the back end? (Where we had to get to)

Who the hell cares about field position? We arent punting?

Just because something works out it doesn't make it the right decision. If I drive 250 KM/Hr down the Linc tonight and don't die, it's not the right decision.


Masoli had ample time to drive the entire field no matter where the team started.
Where I disagree with you is gaining the 30-yard line for a FG attempt. Do you honestly feel confident in Domagala from 37 yards into THAT wind? I would think that they needed an extra 10 yards AT LEAST.

So, with that said, if T.White had managed to make it to the 25, we're still only talking about a 65-yd drive for a "reasonable" FG attempt into the wind FOR THE WIN, instead of a FG attempt to force overtime.

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I agree the 37 yd FG would be pushing the range, however...

If we polled the stadium before the drive (as hindsight is 20/20) which would would be more probable - a Domagala 37 yd FG for the win, or driving and scoring a TD.

Which one would have won? It would have been the FG and not even close.

Nobody, literally nobody had faith that we would drive 75 yds into that wind, against that defence and score a TD.

So if we reset to Winnipeg kicking off - the kneel is stupid.

The reality is, if we run it out to the 10 and go 3 and out, or run it out to the 40 and go 3 and out, or take it on the 35 and go 3 and out - whats the difference? (And thats the point I make to everyone that uses the "Field Position" argument)

It's still a shorter drive than a 75-yd TD drive. We're just quibbling about from where to kick the FG.

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Agreed. The "field position" argument for taking the point is real frustrating. Field position doesn't matter when you're talking 3 vs 7.

And before someone says "get over it".


So, after reading the last few posts,
If I could pick one free agent...,
It would be Lirum Hajrullahu


Or Brett Maher, or Sergio Castillo if he's available.

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Hey Crash. I think you missed my point respectfully. I agree he should have ran it out. I had a great view from my seats and he had room to run. The kick also barely made the end zone. May have been different if he caught it ten yards deeper.

My point is that it wasn’t the play that cost us the game. It definitely impacted the game but we still had two plays from the 5 yard line that undoubtedly would have won us the game, no questions asked. If he doesn’t take the knee Bomber defense probably plays different to protect field goal vs TD. So there are plays after the kneel down that could have influenced outcome. But there are no plays after an Acklin TD that alter the outcome.

The kneel down was a bad mistake. There were others but Cats had a great chance to overcome every mistake with one completed pass and missed it.


Almost no one appreciates this. The whole drive plays out differently if WPG knows they are defending their 30-yard line instead of their goal line. I don't know how exactly. But you can't change one play (the kneel) and expect every subsequent play to be the same.


Agreed. But the task at hand would have been easier.

Less yards, and an easier score to convert.

If the Bombers had a 4 point lead then they would have likely switched to a more prevent-style defence. A successful FG by the Cats would not have been the preferred outcome for the Bombers whether their lead was by either 2 or 3.

Allowing an opponent to force Overtime on you can strategically backfire. The Cats found that out the hard way playing the Alouettes in October.

One broken tackle, and you get a big gain. Example: the pass to Dunbar.

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Sure. Easier in theory, but our coaches and players would have known that too. So instead of trying for a game-winning TD with FG as a fallback, they would have been trying for a game-winning FG and no more. They would have played a safer style of offence. And at the same time, WPG would have been less inclined to give us the shorter plays.

How do I know this? Because I watched all the games in 2021. We lacked the killer instinct all year. We could win big (and sometimes lose big), but if a game was close, we lost.

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Whether we needed a FG to tie or a FG to win it was 3 down offence,
In fact we had a HUGE 3rd down completion at the 1:15 mark @ the 53 yrd line to Acklin!
Punting wasn't an option
I just can't possibly think that the WPG defence was playing for a tie after the knee
He should have run it out!


Also the inconsistency of our kicker and going into a very strong wind definitely was on everybody’s mind. How close would you need to be to trust our kicker with the game on the line? My initial thinking was that Coach O probably decided it was TD or bust on the last drive. An opinion that was shot down by kicking in third down and his subsequent interviews. I do feel bad for Tim White. I liked his play all year but feel he will go down in Ti-Cat folklore beside Taylor Reed.

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If he doesn’t sign in the NFL, White will have a lot of chances to make plays in 2022 and hopefully make us all forget about ‘the kneel’. That’s probably the advantage he has over a defensive player like Reed. Of course, one slip up and he will also get roasted no doubt.