If you could pick one free agent…

I would pick Bryan Burnham. Guy catches everything


That's the answer.
Coach agrees.


well, if he has to go anywhere else...

He would be a perfect replacement for Kneel White .


I know this has been posted before, but this was a great story from Tim’s college days. Read it…or don’t, doesn’t really matter. I have to say though I have the utmost respect for this guy. And yes he made a blunder in the Grey Cup. But guys, especially rookies, can and will learn and be much better players for it. If they are going to learn and make amends, much better that they do it for our team than take that knowledge somewhere else and use it against us, no?

But I’m sure if you want to buy him cab fare to the airport he’d happily oblige😉


Getting back on topic, I might be tempted to take Duke Williams over Burnham. But I’d be perfectly happy with either one.

Now that Dane has signed, I would say our top priority in house is Ja’Gared Davis, followed closely by Wynn and Adeleke. Davis in my mind was the best defensive end in the last month of the season, thought he outshone the Wpg bookends, AC Leonard etc. When the guy can go out and cover a guy out of the backfield and knock down a sure touchdown pass, that is just…damn!


Well what can I tell ya ? Nice story , nice story indeed . It had all the elements that you need for a good script and character arc with tragedy and triumph built right in. It seems like Timmy has had a hard life with its ups and downs and rounds and rounds but unfortunately a lot of people have had a similar story to tell and I'm sorry but it doesn't change my opinion of him and it probably never will .

Oh and by the way ? Yes , I will gladly pay for his cab fare out of town and to show you that I'm not totally heartless I'll even spring for a Timmys at the drive thru on the way to the airport . :coffee: :smile:

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Don’t ever change.

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I'm with ya, he's a quality player and made an error. Let's not run him out of town because of it.

My pick for a FA...whoever the best available kicker is.


One question in here . Why exactly are certain forum members suddenly appearing under different names ?

For example : Schweinhund is suddenly turning up as "Bastard" and Obrigardo is showing up as "thank you" is it just me or is this what you call the "Mandela Effect " ?

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I'd pick Kwaku Boateng. He's a national who also 'catches everything' (everything human). Losing Johnathon Kongbo to the NFL was a real pain in the ratio.

No issues on my end, maybe you have a virus.

Agent Smith will be with you shortly Bobo.

Your computer is translating foreign words into English. I have no idea why.

Hmm… I kind of like Bastard. Might have to stick with that and pair it with a good adjective ( fat, crazy , etc.). Though I always thought of myself more as a Pig Dog.


Actually Pig Dog came up on a few posts as well .

@ExPat has the answer. Your browser must be doing an auto-translate.

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Yup , that is apparently what happened . I opened up the forum in another window and it somehow fixed the problem . I think that what maybe originally happened was that I was reading some posts on the Als forum and using google translate for the French posts .

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bobo, Stay off those European porn sites! :eyes: :rofl:


Well you know what they say..."Gorilla see , gorilla do" :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: