If you could pick any one player from another CFL team...


I hate to admit it but I like both Michael Fletcher and Kevin Eiben of the Argos.

Toronto has the "benchmark" defense in the league right now!

On second thought I would pick Corey Holmes ... a real game breaker ... oh sh*t ... he is on our team!

Seems our coaches were of the same thought! :roll:

Last year…same thing…why not use him?

I think that is the problem.. they said "why NOT use him"... so they don't!

Hi Tipper.

Right you are. We traded Joseph’s rights for Corey Holmes, Safety Scott Gordon, and the first-round pick in the 2007 Canadian College Draft.

Dickenson although behind the Cats line, he’d last about 3 plays before being concussed.

An Argo-Cat fan

bring kerry joseph to the ticats

i couldnt choose one so heres my list

brent johnson,jermaine copeland,geory simon,jason armstead,arland bruce,paris jackson,baron miles,sandro deangelis,kevin eiben,charles roberts,kelly malveaux,anthony malbrough,anwar stewart,chip cox,coby rhinehart,brayn chiu,ben cahoon,jason tucker,timothy strickland

You could go back in time and get Warren Moon in his prime to play for us. It would make little difference if he has no time to throw the ball. How can any QB do well if he’s constantly worried about the lack of protection he’s getting. A solid line allows the QB to think of his options. So far, I haven’t seen any solidarity on our O-Line at all. Talk to Jesse Lumsden, as well. He couldn’t even get to the line of scrimmage. Something must be getting in his way, too. UNBLOCKED D-LINEMEN

Any reciver who wants the ball and can catch it as well

brent johnson dl bc.
dj flick wr sask.
joffrey reynolds rb calg.
ricky ray qb edm.
kevin eiben lb tor.
mike strickland lb mon.
barrin simpson lb win.

Offense: Geroy Simon

Defence: Brent Johnson

Special Teams: Noel Prefontaine

Kick Returner: Bashir Levingston


Oski Wee Wee,

One Player is all you can choose---not one unit. No position has a bigger effect on a sport than a QB in football. If we had a quality QB starter (maybe Timmy is?) we would not be held scoreless game after game after game.......It is a team sport but start with quarterback....a star receiver is involved in 10 plays max. in a game. A lineman is one of 5. A RB might touch the ball 20 times...The QB is involved in every single play.

I'd take Marc Boerigter.

Also I'll agree that Kerry Joseph played well last week against the Stamps but he was his usual inconsistent self against the Als in week 1. He's still way too inconsistent for me to be a #1. I'd take Ray over him anyday.