If you could pick any one player from another CFL team...

If you could pick any one current player from any other CFL team and add them to the TiCats current roster, who would you pick?

Geroy Simon. The best receiver in the league. (This is if Chang starts)

If Chang doesn't start, I'd take Buck Pierce.

One Player that kind of Hard..

But Will pick one from Both sides of the ball.

Offence WR Tucker Jason of Edmonton
Defence DE Johnson Brent of BC

BINGO!!... Simon would be a very welcome addition... dreaming is fun, isn't it?....lol


(based on what we need Right NOW!)

Milt Stegall.

Hey no fair woody. We really do think alike!

ricky ray

if not him

then geroy simon

so yea one of those 2

Ben Cahoon, we need grit!

I wouldn't want to pick a player from another team instead I'd like to put Jason Maas on the Blue Team so that we could kick their behinds every game!

Rob Murphy OT from BC Lions. Great lineman, tough as nails and a real s**t disturber. We could use somebody like him on our line. Maybe QB's would have some time then.

Kerry Joseph!!! so far the best QB in the league. An added 1,000 yard rusher in your backfield.

You're a genius!

I second the Rob Murphy sentiment. If not him, then Geroy Simon for obvious reasons.

LMAO... good one Rusty, I may have to concur!!

You guys all have your heads in the sand except for Matelot. Contrary to popular belief one receiver or a QB will do little to improve this team. We need to be better in the trenches, so Rob Murphy and/or Brent Johnson would be guys I'd like to add.

Once we are solid in the trenches, we can look at adding some offensive and defense play makers, but before then, there is no point.


Speaking of Kerry Joseph, didn't we have rights to him or something like this in the Gades' dispersal draft? What happened there?

I'm afraid it is you who has your head in the sand....
There is no position in sport more important than Quarterback.
Take your pick.....Ray, Dickenson, Joseph....but pick a QB.

We had the first pick in the dispersal draft but we traded it to Saskatchewan for Corey Holmes.

We had Jason Maas so we figured that we didn't need Joseph and we were able to recieve Holmes.

I still think Holmes is GREAT... he just needs to be used better and more often.

8) Yes, we had Kerry Joseph but we traded him to Regina for Cory Holmes and a someone else if I remember correctly. I believe a draft choice was also involved. In hindsight, that was one of the worst trades we ever made, and got us into our present situation regarding the QB position !!! How many of you would rather have Joseph instead of Maas to be our QB today ???